Palestinian Doctor Awarded Austrian President’s Medal


VIENNA, March 4, 2012 (WAFA) – George Nicola, a Palestinian doctor and honorary president of the Austrian-Palestinian community, Sunday was awarded the Austriallian President’s medal, according to the Palestinian community in Austria.

In a ceremony held by the Austriallian presidnecy, Nicola was appointed a medical expert and was chosen as one of the best top ten doctors in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Director of the Palestinian community in Vienna Munther Murai cosidered this event a message sent to the world that a nation with such skills has the right to gain their freedom and a state of their own.

“Nicola, through his national and scientific career is considered a role model whom all Palestinians and Arabs in Europe are proud of,” said Murai.

Nicola is one of the founders of the Palestinian community in Vienna in the early eighties, which is the first Palestinian community in Europe.


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