Egypt tightens security in and around gas export facilities in Sinai

[ PIC 05/03/2012 – 05:32 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Egyptian authorities have tightened security measures in and around gas export facilities in northern Sinai Peninsula to ward off future threats.

Hebrew radio reported on Monday that repair of those facilities has been completed and resuming exports to each of Jordan and Israel was pending green light of security apparatuses that they are well protected and secured.

The broadcast recalled that the gas pipeline was the target of a bomb attack for the 12th time, early last month, in almost one year.

It quoted an unnamed source in the Egyptian ministry of petroleum as saying that security and political officials have affirmed that the facility was well protected against future attacks.

The Egyptian official said that his country would live up to international commitments and would exert all efforts to reduce material losses as a result of the repeated stoppage of gas exports due to those explosions.

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