UK, Palestine to Start Information Technology Cooperation


By Malak Hasan

RAMALLAH, March 5, 2012 (WAFA) – British Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey Monday expressed hope to start a future cooperation between Palestine and UK in information technology fields.

He told WAFA during a visit to the Paltel group building in Ramallah, “This has been a very productive trip and it’s a great opportunity for Palestine and UK’s businesses to work together.”

“It’s a very educated population and we need to give people living here opportunities to work and to create businesses for them,” Vaizey added.

Vaizey said that Palestinians and Britons started a dialogue to help people of both countries meet each other and make UK’s companies know that they can come and start business in Palestine.

He pointed out that everybody knows how the conflict is reported around the world so it’s important to realize normal life goes on here.

According to British Consul General, Vincent Fean the purpose of the visit was to study with the minister the opportunities for cooperation in Information Technology between Palestine and the UK.

Fean said, “We are very impressed by Paltel. We are hoping to come back with a big delegation later this year to study further outsourcing and how we can cooperate together.”

He added that there are intentions to bring a team from Palestine to attend a conference in Britain later this year.

“We will use this visit to push together the companies from our country and from yours and also to try to strengthen research at the level of universities in IT,” said Fean.


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