Beyond Chutzpah – by Khalid Amayreh

Puppets and puppeteers

The Holy Quran speaks of some Jews as perpetual war mongers and mischief makers. The current visit to Washington by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu seems to fit rather perfectly this Quranic description. Zionist leaders are already beating the drums of war against Iran, a country that violated no international laws, attacked no country and waged no war.

Iran is not perfect, and its only “crime” lies in its efforts to catch up with other advanced countries especially in the nuclear field. It is uncertain whether Iran is planning to manufacture a nuclear weapon, but even if this was true, the country of 70 million would have a perfect legitimate right to have all means necessary to deter foes, near and distant, from attacking the Iranian nation.

But Israel, which possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons, readily trained toward Cairo, Tehran and probably Istanbul as well other Muslim towns, is obviously hell-bent on perpetuating its hegemony all over the Middle East. This is why the Jewish state is dead worry about Arab and Muslim countries possessing the means to defend themselves. There is no other honest interpretation of the current showdown between Iran and the Zionist-manipulated America .

Now, Netanyahu and Peres are trying to cajole or perhaps coerce the weak Obama to bomb Iran in order to preserve Israeli military superiority and hegemony in the Middle East. And given the proximity of the American elections, along with AIPAC’s annual convention, the rapists of the American people’s will are now trying frantically to try to do what they did a few years ago when they got George W. Bush to invade, occupy and destroy Afghanistan and Iraq based on concocted justifications. This time against Iran , of course.

Unfortunately, no American president is likely to withstand or even resist Jewish pressure especially during an election year when presidential candidates salivate for Jewish money and votes. They all transform themselves into obsequious political whores in order to win.

This is why I am afraid the vulnerable puppet Obama will not hesitate to parrot and do everything demanded by the puppeteer Netanyahu. And a few words of unctuousness, sycophancy and flattery from Peres, the ultimate hypocrite, won’t hurt.

It is really sad that the fate of nations, let alone the fate of world peace, should hedge on the whims of Jewish billionaires who manipulate America ‘s power and resources in order to serve Zionist aggression and supremacy.

Of course, all of this impetuousness and arrogance of power will evaporate into nothing one-day and Israel itself will cease to exist. But until that happens, a lot of people will have to suffer.

Lieberman wants to help the Syrians!

The criminally eccentric Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has apparently undergone an altruistic metamorphosis. This week, he was quoted as saying the Nazi-like state would help Syrian refugees who might be fleeing government repression.

This is really beyond Chutzpah. I am not going to say “charity begins at home” or invoke similar clichés, lest I inadvertently accord his remarks a dignity they don’t deserve.

But Zionist charity is an existential oxymoron. Indeed, for a country that was established on a foundation of oppression, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and continues to torment and persecute millions of people whose only “guilt” is their being non-members in the exclusive Jewish club, it is beyond chutzpah to cynically use the Syrian tragedy to score some public relation points. It is true that images of pornographic violence keep coming out from Syria . But this doesn’t exonerate or vindicate the Zionist entity, whose very existence is the mother of all evils in the region.

Israel is simply too ugly, too filthy and too criminal to be given the benefit of any doubt, and no amount of public relations cosmetics could an inherently ugly face look pretty.

To put it simply, Israel can not fool the world by this game of make believe where by the Jewish state behaves like the Gestapo and SS and wehrmacht in Gaza while trying to mimic Mother Teresa, depending on PR considerations.

What is the difference between “hatikva” and the “Horst Wessel lied”?

Judge Salim Jubran of Israel’s Supreme Court, has been vilified and demonized for refusing to sing the Zionist anthem, Hatikva, during an induction ceremony. A number of Israeli Knesset members, commentators and intellectuals have called for his dismissal. Others accused him of disloyalty to the state as if one was expected to celebrate the glory of his people’s tormentors and grave-diggers.

Well, Jubran behaved just like any other decent human being would under the circumstances. He knew and understood that for a Palestinian, who has been a constant victim of Jewish racism and fascism, would be very much like a Jew singing the Nazi anthem, the Horst Wessel Lied, especially after the holocaust.

Indeed, I doubt that even a single Jew would have accorded an iota of dignity to Mr. Jubran had he made a fool of himself by signing the hymns of genocidal ethnic cleansing meted out to his people by Zionist Jews.

Jubran, a Christian Maronite, is not an ardent nationalist in the jingoistic sense of the word, and he shouldn’t be one. But his dignified refusal to sing the manifestly fascist anthem should be viewed as a monumental moral statement of immense proportions.

Just imagine the moral burden that would have resulted from Jubran’s participation in signing hatikva.

It would have meant an effective endorsement of everything the Zionist movement ever said and done.

It would have implied his unreserved endorsement of all the lies surrounding Zionist narratives and all the crimes and atrocities the Zionists have committed ever since Naftali Herz Imber wrote the words of the Zionist anthem long before the establishment of Israel , an entity based on ethnic cleansing, mass murder and mendacity.

Besides, it is plainly clear that hatikva was not written for Jubran and his people It was rather written by Zionists for Zionists for the purpose of arrogating the homeland of another people. Hence, singing this piece of hateful racism, let alone by its victims, would be the ultimate expression of self-depreciation and self-contempt.

It would be tantamount to having Jews celebrate all Nazi goals and “achievements.”

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