Baher: Israel’s detention of MPs reflects its bankruptcy and insanity

[ PIC 07/03/2012 – 04:47 PM ]

RABAT, (PIC)– Acting speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Ahmed Baher said that Israel’s persistence in administratively detaining Palestinian lawmakers and extending their imprisonment reflects its bankruptcy and madness.

Baher, who is still on an official visit to Morocco, strongly denounced in a press release on Tuesday Israel’s extension of the administrative detention of Palestinian MP from Jerusalem Mohamed Abu Tir.

He emphasized that this Israeli court decision and the other administrative detention sentences issued against many Palestinian lawmakers were all aimed at obstructing their parliamentary responsibilities they were elected for and appropriating their right to fully represent the Palestinian people.

He urged the Arab and Islamic parliaments and humanitarian institutions to take positions that could end Israel’s violations against the Palestinian lawmakers.

In another context, Baher and his fellow MPs met with heads and members of Moroccan political parties and organizations in their offices and headquarters in Rabat and briefed them on the latest developments in the Palestinian arena.

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