Italy to Keep Palestinian Issue High on International Agenda

WAFA News Agency | March 8, 2012


By Malak Hasan

RAMALLAH, March 8, 2012 (WAFA) – Special Envoy of the Italian Minister for the Mediterranean and the Middle East Maurizio Massari Thursday stressed Italy’s engagement to keep the Palestinian issue a top priority on the international agenda.

Massari told WAFA as Europe they have a responsibility to play an active role to keep high focus on the Palestinian issue.

He said that by visiting the region he wanted to convey the Italian government and society’s support to the Palestinian people.

“The main purpose of my visit is to get acquainted with the situation on the ground and the general mood on the perspective of the peace process,” Massari said.

He insisted that finding a proper solution is very essential not only as a right for the Palestinian people but also to ensure the stability of the region.

He pointed out that there are strong feelings about the Palestinian issue in the Arab Spring countries, which entails the strong connection between the Arab and the Palestinian situation.

Massari had met with Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and other key officials in the Palestinian Authority.

He praised Fayyad saying: “We are following the institutional building process on the ground; we highly appreciate Fayyad’s work and we are ready to support him.”


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