Palestinian Authority calls on Israel to release Hana Shalabi

File photo of the mother of female Palestinian prisoner Hana Shalabi
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has called on the Israeli regime to free female Palestinian prisoner Hana Shalabi who has been on a hunger strike since she was arrested again three weeks ago.

The PA officials said on Wednesday the tragedy of the female detainee must end and she has to be released immediately.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military court postponed its ruling on an appeal Shalabi lodged against her four-month administrative detention order.

According to a Wednesday report published by the Palestinian WAFA news agency, the Israeli judge addressing the court case stated that a decision would be made “on Sunday or Monday.”

Many female Palestinian detainees are still held in Israeli prisons as the world marks International Women’s Day.

Hana Shalabi is one of the detainees re-arrested by Israeli forces over the past few weeks. The detainees were freed from Israeli jails in October and December of last year under a deal mediated by Egypt to free 1,027 Palestinian inmates in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Shalabi has reportedly been on a hunger strike since February 16, when she was re-arrested at her home in the occupied West Bank. She has been under “administrative detention” and her lawyer says she has been placed in “solitary confinement as punishment for the hunger strike.”

On March 6, the non-governmental Palestinian civil institution, Addameer, issued a statement saying Shalabi expressed her “undeterred intention” to continue her hunger strike after an Israeli military court ruled on March 4 to shorten her “administrative detention order” from six to four months.

On February 28, Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside the UN office in Gaza City to demand the release of Shalabi. A similar demonstration was also held outside the Red Cross office in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Over the past week, a number of other Palestinian prisoners have also begun hunger strikes to protest the “unjust Israeli military court system, which does not afford them due process and does not abide by international legal standards,” the Addameer statement said.


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