Tens of thousands participate in funeral of Abu Arram assassinated by Israel

[ PIC 09/03/2012 – 09:30 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Tens of thousands of Palestinians on Friday participated in the funeral of the Palestinian boy who was killed Thursday evening by the IOF in Yatta to the south of al-Khalil. They held the Friday prayers on a football pitch then carried the martyr to his final resting place.

Sheikh Jamal Abu Arram eulogised the martyr and said that the martyr fell when locals tried to stop IOF troops from re-arresting a liberated captive who was freed in the Shalit exchange deal, stressing that Zionists cannot be trusted to keep agreements.

Participants in the funeral called on Palestinian resistance factions to retaliate to this heinous crime.

Heads of clans in the town of Yatta and the governor of al-Khalil district, Hamid Kameel, participated in the funeral of the boy who was killed on Thursday evening.

Kameel said in his speech that it was time for Palestinians to unite in the face of the occupation, our common enemy.

Father of the boy told PIC: “Stopping the security coordination [between the Israeli occupation and the PA security] is what is going to stop occupation form singling out our youth and children,” and called for expediting the national reconciliation to save the Palestinian people.

Residents of Yatta observed a general strike on Friday to protest the killing of the boy.

The boy was killed yesterday by the IOF troops which encircled his uncle’s home to arrest him. Locals tried to stop the IOF troops from arresting the man who was freed in a prisoner exchange deal, and the troops opened fire killing the boy and seriously wounding a young man.


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