Political detainee in PA jail rushed to hospital

[ PIC 11/03/2012 – 04:17 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The PA intelligence apparatus carried political detainee Anas Abu Markhia to hospital after one week of going on hunger strike, local sources in Al-Khalil said on Sunday.

The sources said that Abu Markhia had gone on hunger strike a week ago to protest his continued incarceration despite a ruling ordering his release passed by the Palestinian higher court.

The intelligence apparatus had moved Abu Markhia, 24, to Jericho jail to pressure him to end his strike, but his relatives quoted him as saying that he would not end his strike until his release.

This is the second time Abu Markhia was arrested by the PA security, the sources said, adding that he was held in isolation for the past week and did not eat or drink anything except water.

The PA intelligence arrested the youth on 19/12/2011 only few days after his release from 30 months of Israeli administrative custody.

Meanwhile, Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank issued a statement on Sunday lashing out at the PA for continuing to detain citizens for political affiliation.

They said that the measure was obstructing reconciliation progress, adding that the PA in Ramallah should have allowed marches and rallies in support of Gaza, which is under Israeli bombardment for the third day running, rather than arresting and summoning more citizens for interrogation.

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