Two teenagers arrested without evidence amidst clashes in Ras al-Amoud

Silwanic Monday, 12 March, 2012 | 19:10

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — Confrontations erupted in Ras al-Amoud district of Silwan on 8 March, as a heavy build-up of Israeli forces triggered a Molotov cocktail thrown at an Israeli settler compound. Two young brothers, Basel al-Zagal (14) and Ismail al-Zagal (15) were arrested by Israeli forces, despite no evidence of their involvement in the clashes. The two boys were running through the neighborhood to reach a maths tutorial.

The two brothers were taken to Salah al-Din police station, whereupon their father was refused permission to enter the compound until their lawyer arrived. Both remain under interrogation.

The Zagal brothers are only the most recent youngsters amongst 11 that have been arrested in the past 4 days in Silwan.

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