Islamic Jihad, PRC say committed to truce with Israel

Maan News Agency | March 13, 2012

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Islamic Jihad said on Tuesday it would adhere to its commitments under a truce deal brokered by Egypt to end four days of fighting with Israel that killed 25 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Jihad leader Daoud Shihab told Ma’an the deal was reached after many meetings and discussions with Egypt. The movement stressed it demanded that Israel halt assassinations of political leaders, Shihab said.

The military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees said later it would also hold to the deal, at a press conference in Gaza.

The latest fighting was sparked when Israeli warplanes killed the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees on Friday.

Shihab said Islamic Jihad is committed to the truce as long as Israel adheres to its commitments. “We do not trust Israel, but we trust our power and if Israel does not commit, we will reply,” he added.

He called the truce a victory for Islamic Jihad, and a Palestinian achievement.

The Al-Nasser Salah Ad-Din brigades warned if Israel breaks the deal by killing any Palestinians, the group will respond with greater force.

A senior Egyptian security official told Reuters that the deal to cease hostilities was set to take effect at 1 a.m. local time.

The official said in a telephone call from Cairo that both sides had “agreed to end the current operations”, with Israel giving an unusual undertaking to “stop assassinations”, and an overall agreement “to begin a comprehensive and mutual calm.”

“There is an understanding,” Israeli Civil Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told Israel Radio. “At the moment the direction is toward calm and it appears, unless there are last minute developments, that this round is now behind us.”

Amos Gilad, a senior Israeli defense official, said Israel would feel free to take “pre-emptive action” if Israeli lives were in danger — a reference to future strikes against Palestinian militants believed to be planning attacks.

But, he told Army Radio, if “there is quiet on their part, there will be quiet on our part.”

A Palestinian official close to the talks said “the factions are committed,” alluding to the Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees, who were most active in the fighting, but that these groups were waiting to see how Israel would respond.

An Israeli army spokesman said three rockets landed in southern Israel Tuesday morning, without causing injuries.

Israeli airstrikes killed 25 Palestinians since Friday, targeting a number of Islamic Jihad fighters, as well as civilians including a teenager, a 12-year-old boy, an elderly man and his daughter.

At least 80 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been wounded in the violence.

Israel said Gaza militants had fired about 200 rockets at its southern towns and cities from Gaza, injuring eight Israelis.

Reuters contributed to this report

For who does not understand the need or concept of resistance of Palestine, recommended read: History of Resistance | The Eagle of Palestine


Gaza Under Attack – March 13, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 12, 2012Photography
Gazz Under Attack – March 11, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 10, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Feb 2012 – Photography
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Gaza Cast Lead Massacre – Photography

Israel is not looking for Peace



Martyred By Israeli Occupation Attacks

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shuhada Jannatul Firdaus, and ease it for their families, loved ones and anyone around them. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil Alameen. ‘ Inna Lillahi wa ‘ Inna ‘ Ilayhi Raji’un, Allahu Akbar


* The list of shuhada does not display, the numerous victims of the zionist occupation which are undocumented by media. Nor it displays the victims of the “silent onslaught” due to restrictions of movement, ability to go to hospitals for treatment or life saving surgery, due to lack of medication because of the blockades and so on. For example: The Slow Motion Genocide by the Siege on Gaza only, killed 600 patients since Gaza got under Israeli Siege.

For an overview of All Israeli Massacres Palestinians go here

Neither does this list, display the avoidable mortality. A clear and statistical factual evidence, about the number of deaths due to indecent ruling by occupation forces. For even an occupier has obligations under International Laws, Geneva Convention and the Hague regulations, which it is neglecting. These circumstances, together with deliberate policies of the occupier to neglect and even deny every basic human right, severes avoidable mortality which is totally silenced by media or reporting organisations. While in the Holocaust, 1 on 6 Jewish people directly died of deliberate neglect, so if we believe the facts over 1 million due to avoidable mortality, neither should these same circumstances be ignores which are ongoing in Palestine. For this report displays a avoidable morality of at least 0,5 million Palestinians.

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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