PALESTINE NEWS | March 15, 2012

“Israel kills by deprivation of Healthcare”
Facts tweeted earlier now storified

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
March 15, 2012 | 23314 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1737 days

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Palestine Under Attack Timeline | In pictures Aug 2011 | Oct 2011 | Dec 2011

Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives!

Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.

As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”.

Deliberate Deprivation Healthcare | Electricity | Water | Communication

Settler Violence increased with 50%

Below categories and topics are continuously being updated with attacks by colonists on Palestinians or Palestine’s properties.

Settler Terrorism Topic | Category | Pictures | New: Interactive Map

Israel tries to hide the atrocities of it’s occupation. Why you didn’t know…

By all means possible Israel tries to prevent truth coming out of Palestine. By attacks on press, journalists, photographers, hijacking or piracy on the internet, even attacking live tweeting/streaming/documenting professionals and online activists and of course by it’s main propaganda machine of hasbara to alter truth, facts and not to forget even attempts to alter history. All, to prevent some truth reaches your eyes or ears:

Silencing Truth Attacks on Press | Hasbara (Propaganda) | Censorship

Continuous updates..

Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White

Palestine’s Right of Self-Defense ~ by Stephen Lendman

Separation Diary – Video

Names of martyrs of Israel’s Attack on Gaza – March 9, 2012

Zuhair Qaisyi
Mahmoud Hanani
Obeid Gharabli (23 years)
Muhammad Harara (22 years),
Shadi Al Ziqali
Hazem Qraqe
Moatasem Hajjaj
Fayeq Sa’ad
Mohammed Al-Moghary
Mahmoud Nejem
Ahmad Hajjaj
Muhammad al-Ghamry (26 year old)
Yahya Dahshan 27 years old
Mansour Abu Nusaira – 20 years old
Hussein Breik – 51 years old
Mahdi abu-Shaweesh – 24 years old
Ayoub Useila, 12 year old
Ahmed Deeb Salem ,23 years old
Adel Al Issi, 52 years old
Ayoub Useila, 12 year old
Ahmed Deeb Salem ,23 years old
Adel Al Issi, 52 years old
Raafat Jawad Abu Eid | 24 years old
Hamadeh Salman Abu Mutlaq | 24 years old
Nayif Shaaban Qarmout | 17 years old
Mohammed Al Hasoumi | 65 years old
Fayza Al Hasoumi | 30 years old
Bassam el Ejla | 24 years old.
Mohammed Dhaher
Ayoub Useila, 12 year old
Ahmed Deeb Salem ,23 years old
Adel Al Issi, 52 years old
Baraka Al-Maghribi, 7 years old

Get the word out by the eye: “Tears of Gaza’ – This movie will change you: So you won’t say.. we didn’t know


Gaza Under Attack – March 14, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 13, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 12, 2012Photography
Gazz Under Attack – March 11, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 10, 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – March 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Feb 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Jan 2012 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Dec 2011 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Oct-Nov 2011 – Photography
Gaza Under Attack – Aug-Sept 2011 – Photography
Gaza Cast Lead Massacre – Photography

The demonstrators of Nilin Palestine managed to make a hole in the Israeli unlawful wall

Palestinian Detainees To Hold Largest Open End Hunger Strike

Syrian security forces ‘warn Palestinian camp’

Zahhar: “Resistance Is Solid, Ongoing”

Jordanian students call for the expulsion of Israeli envoy

#GazaUnderAttack – Army Bombards Farmlands In Gaza

How I Lost My Zionism

Iran Calls for Palestinian Resistance Movements’ Vigilance against Israeli Plots – Fars News Agency

‘Global March’ set to mark Palestine Land Day

US editor’s lament for Israel overlooks Zionism’s inherent racism

Gaza attacks show Israel desperation: Salehi

Arab parliamentary convoy arrives in Gaza

Medics: 1 killed, another hurt by gunfire at funeral

#BREAKING #GAZA | ( 20:59 Pal Time) Zionist forces’ Apaches opening fire on #Gaza NOW!/RanaGaza/status/180367150077325312

Democratic congressional candidate: 90% Democrat, 100% Israel

Leading Democratic candidate for Mark Kirk’s former congressional district gave $ to Republicans supportive of Israel

Haneyya invites Clinton to Gaza to witness Israel’s atrocities

Soldier with 188th Armored Brigade left behind – again,7340,L-4203623,00.html

Why did Israel stop me from visiting the West Bank?

BREAKING GAZA | F16’s reported violating #Gaza airspace (again)!/MyFreePal/status/180355149171142656

Witnesses: Israeli troops raid Tulkarem

1 year ago, the youth of #Palestine called for Unity – Live blog and photography of that day:

Abed Rabbo: Unity deal may ‘fade away’

Top Hamas official in Iran for talks

Soldiers Turn Rooftop into Outpost

Rally In Support of Striking Prisoner Shalabi Suppressed

Sheds Demolished in Nablus Area

Mother with Baby Arrested while Crossing Checkpoint in Hebron

Israeli Forces, Settlers Raze Land, Uproot Trees in West Bank

Around 300 Int’l Groups Demand Lifting Restrictions on Palestinian Mobility

Erekat: Quartet Must Hold Israel Accountable for Stalled Peace

there is no PEACE PROCESS nor has there never been one

Myth of Israel’s Favorable Treatment of Palestinian Christians

IOF soldiers round up 12 Palestinians

IOF troops storm West Bank areas

Palestinian prisoners to launch open hunger strike next month

Political detainees in PA jail threaten hunger strike

Death of child raises toll to 26 Palestinians – #GazaUnderAttack

Gilad Schalit’s father: “If I were Palestinian I’d kidnap soldiers”

Hana Shalabi’s health in danger; hunger strike spreads

UN Committee “appalled” by Israel’s racial segregation in OPT, amounting to apartheid

Adalah center calls for closing section 4 of Nafha prison

Israeli soldier stabbed by unknown in occupied Jerusalem: Al Qassam website- Occupied Jerusalem- Israeli media s…

Jerusalem Awkaf director turns down invitation by Knesset to discuss Aqsa affair

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (08 – 14 Marc

Israel launches fresh air raids on Gaza

Newspapers Review: Gaza Conflict Focus of Dailies

#Israel has started mass arrests of children in #Silwan

Erdogan raps Israel for Gaza ‘massacre’

Quick, what’s the score? Israel: 25 – Palestine: 0

Palestinian Authority refers Israel to UN after deadly Gaza assaults

Turkish protesters condemn US, Israel

Mapping a pattern of Israeli violence in Burin

Um Muhammad Buries Her Third Son After Israeli Missile Strike

Beit Furik, Nablus: Family unable to attend funeral for son killed in recent Gaza air strikes

A new flotilla looms – on land – Jewish Advocate

AIPAC Not Just for Jews Anymore
“Group Grows Israel Advocacy to Evangelicals and Minorities”

The mourning tent of a martyr

Obama, the Human Rights Hypocrite – Paul Craig Roberts/Counterpunch

Must Read – The Child Who Was Murdered Before Arriving At School ~ by  @KawtherSalam

World Bank Warns Palestinian Fiscal Crisis to Deepen

All signs point to Israel’s weak democracy

Here you can find the official twitter account for Global March to Jerusalem – palestine
& fb:

Local official: Army uproot olive trees in Nablus village

HOLD THE PRESSES! Ziotrolls watch “Worries over Iranian Jews if Israel attacks”
1000’s of Jews living in peace in #IRAN

Palestinian rights fall on deaf ears – Asia Times Online

Israeli army raided the Jordan Valley village of al-Jiftlik Wednesday and demolished 3 homes, making 22 Palestinians homeless.!/MariamBarghouti/status/180218877295329280

Breaking News: In response to Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip,killing 26, Israeli soldier was stabbed several times in occupied Jerusalem.!/AlqassamBrigade/status/180218853761097729

#GazaUnderAttack – Airstrikes target Gaza Strip

Israel Really Isn’t All That Friendly to Its Christians

Palestinian freedom fight and Social Media

Starving for Freedom: Six Years on the Abduction of Ahmad Sa’adat – One Month on the Hunger Strike of Hana…

At 1,30 at night IDF raided the village , shot tear gas and live pullet , went to Eyad Tamimi house and destroy…

UN expert Prof. Em. Richard Falk urges Israel to free female hunger striker #HanaShalabi

A Must Read – The Child Who Was Murdered Before Arriving At School ~ by @KawtherSalam

#GazaUnderAttack – Israeli warplane attacks northern Gaza Strip

Who’s afraid of a Bedouin?

Gilad Shalit’s father: ‘If I were Palestinian I’d kidnap soldiers, we also kidnapped British soldiers”

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