Israel’s Total Moral Bankruptcy exposed as it attempts to get UN OCHA employee Khulood Badawi fired

March 16, 2012 by occpal

Important updates added below this blogpost

This world needs more people like @KhuloodBadawi

In the newest Israeli “witch-hunt” the dying propaganda machine of zionism has taken an aim on Khulood Badawi, a human rights activist and demands UN fires Khulood Badawi  over a ‘false Gaza’ picture

The “State of Israel’s success” solely consists due to a very ingenious propaganda campaign which might have been effective for some decades.  Nowadays it is fighting a severe “battle” online itself to sustain the myths it created, while in crescendo the social media create awareness, spread real facts in real time as well while Israel is running behind the technological developments,  possibilities but foremost it’s impact.

What happened?

On March 10, 2012  at 10:26 PM this  picture  posted on Facebook with the text :

“Palestine is bleeding… Another innocent victim of Israeli terror… in peace the son’s bury their father’s but in war the father’s bury their son’s…”

At the same moment it was tweeted automatically by the API of the facebook page posting the picture as you can see in the details and timestamp of the tweet below. Your attention please, the post does not even mention a date nor a momentum of the time of the picture concerning any event, it just recalls a child is dead an carried to the grave. Nothing more or less.

Click to enlarge

Many people reacted shocked, especially because at the time Israel was pounding Gaza and had slained several Palestinians already. In total 27 people have lost their lives since the attacks on Gaza started on March 9, 2012. At twitter many people and human rights activists tweeted the picture too like @ManaraRam. Kindly notice again, even this tweet does not contain no date nor does it mention it happened at any particular day at all.

Nevertheless, paid hasbara troll Avi Mayer immediately took an aim at her with the next tweet:

It was only @AviMayer in person who started creating a suggestion in the first place the picture was taken “today”. Mentioned before, neither the facebook page nor ManaraRam’s tweet mentioned these words or facts about any date but calls on his hasbararecruits to join him in questioning @ManaraRam.

In this excellent blogpost by @ManaraRam she answers the incitement of Avi Mayer and the pathatic hasabra campaign against her by paid bloggers and the @IDFSpokesperson.

Now what has this all to do with Khulood?

Not only Khulood – but at the moment of composing this blogpost-  94 others shared the facebook post again – without mentioning any relation to any event – and 64 people commented on it. Khulood Badawi’s tweet was not even a retweet of the initially by Avi Mayer attacked tweet. (!)  Just compare the FB post and Khuloods’ tweet you will notice they are very similar although Khulood’s version is a grammatical correcter version of the initial post on Facebook – and again – I want to emphasize, no date nor related event is mentioned.

Remains, the accusation only made by Avi Mayer it is related to the bombings on Gaza on that same day.
The one inciting to go ‘ en masse’ and  ‘en garde’ for questioning this, is also Avi Mayer and no one else.

Which did not result by the way in any “questioning” but in the usual very low standard and “no moral at all” smears and offenses which not even relate to any even in the least:

And not only Khulood but ManaraRam received likewhise offenses:

Translation from hebrew of this tweet to @ManaraRam “Your mother is garbage, you ugly ‘Arab-ushi’’.

In the meanwhile…

Another “paid spokesperson” of the most “moral army” in the world @ofirgendelman  tweeted deliberately a picture and accusation.  Kindly notice, this tweet contains a direct link (no suggestion) to Gaza, with a picture depicting a woman protecting a child as if it were actually happening at the very moment while the original picture was taken by Reuters in 2009 and among other places can be found here

The original photo’s description is: “An Israeli woman and her two children take cover during a rocket attack near Kfar Aza, just outside the northern Gaza Strip January 7, 2009.”  This is during the Cast Lead war on Gaza in which Israel slained over 1500 people of which 352 children with no place to go nor hide. For the right perspective you can view this album which contains the by Ofir Gendelman tweeted picture as well, to get an idea of the context.

But Ofir Gendleman did not send an apology for his incitement. Of course not. These spokespersons are online and paid to spread lies. In stead,  hasbara launched the facebook picture into it’s usual mainstream channels to create even more hatred, propaganda and more lies like here: in Washington Post of March 15, 2012 : “Israeli official, Palestinian activist tweet outdated photos in competition for support” making it look like it is an ordinary low moral “media-battle” for sympathy.

Let’s take a little trip back to history…

The tweets of the by Avi Mayer instructed offenders already show the disrespect and immorality. But we love facts. So to put this in te right perspective and factualities:  At the time, the woman was in alleged danger laying on the ground with her child, zionists we’re enjoying the massacre on Gaza, rejoicing and even dancing on the hill celebrating the ongoing onslaught:

From a hill just outside the Gaza Strip, Israelis watch the air assaults on Gaza and dance in celebration of the attacks, 8 January 2009. (Picture by Newscom)

The Date does not change the Deed!

But let’s stay close to the facts and dates. Which do not change the deed at all.  We have an Israeli firster now demaning to UN the firing of an employee for a tweet which does not even mention a date. Only displays a deed. Depicts it literally. You can’t hide these facts. Although Israel is very successful in removing content of the internet which could be harming them in any way possible.

1 Shot, 2 Kills (Click to enlarge)

Like the picture of the rejoicing zionists, they did not make a point of that at the time taken. Neither about more worse footage. No,  they even printed t-shirts about it and made a booming business out of the sickening reality of the zionist mindset: 1 shot 2 kills.  Shocking. Very shocking. But reality and above all, timeless displaying the real face of zionism. And what they try to hide. More images of this “Fashion-Show” can be found here  (Warning : very graphic content) To hide this ugly reality Israel has the urgent need to mute people.

Truth doesn’t bother Israel, Buttons do: to Mute. From tweeting to termination

And “Israel” pushes literally all buttons to distort the reality, mute those who are speaking, writing, block those who could possibly recall or relate. Target press, demolish their equiment, raid TV stations, shoot, target, harass and detain journalists and photographers, kill non-violent protesters like Mustafa Tamimi (in which case they lied too) and many more before him, and attempt to silence people like Khulood as well.  If it could it would silence any on- or offline activist which even could relate or recall about the reality or facts of the occupation in all it’s appalling aspects in the first place.

To prevent this “Israel” even launched (again) a 10 Million NIS campaign to learn it’s “diplomats” to spread propaganda on twitter. In the blogpost  Truth does not bother Israel, Buttons do you can convince yourself of all ways deployed by the hasbara (propaganda) machine of zionism to take care you will not hear any facts or they will be altered, hence, even history is being changed .

Palestinians, already in an hacked digital occupation aside their physical siege and restrictions shouting out to the world for justice and for awareness. While Israel even tests complete blackouts to mute their voices literally from getting outside the occupied territories.

Yet… communication is an essential human need and a  human right.
Free speech is a human right.
And your, mine right to information is also a human right (Art 19 ICCPR)

Web War Declaration

For years now and especially since the introduction and swift developments of media in particular social media “Israel’s hasbara machine” is working overtime to prevent the truth from reaching you. Students get paid 2000$ a month for spreading propaganda 5 hours a week on social media. Let’s do some math, this is about 92$ an hour so they dish you lies.

This is one of the “toolkits” which are used by zionism to instruct the “recruits” which were called to duty in a genuine WEB WAR DECLARATION

When it can’t prevent witnesses, it’s prevent them from becoming one

But it does not end in the virtual world. This entity called “Israel’s hasbara” trying to “terminate” Khuloods contract at the UN now, previously posted online a non discriminate and public hitlist against activist planning to travel on the #Flotilla2. To prevent they even boarded because this hitlist appeared online long before sails were raised.

In another event, Israel prevented #Airflotilla Israel manipulated and lobbied around till even activists were prevented in their country of origing to board flights. Children young as 5 and 6 years old were blacklisted on paper records to be prevented from boarding and airways ordered to keep them off the airplanes. Tagged as terrorists.

Those who managed to enter were detained immediately, abused and mistreated like criminals, denied a lawyer up to the very last of them.

Not long after this event, on the same internet a terrorlisted  affiliated organisation LDJ in France, connected to the Meir Kahane offspring Kach movement imported militants with experience for a rampage in the west bank of Palestine. Don’t fall for zionist rethoric they defended the settlements.

More hidden facts you have not been told….

In reality whenever a Palestinian even comes near one he will loose his life immediately. In Operation Summer Seeds Israel even equiped these illegal settling newcomers, granted them weaponry, attacking dogs and even trained them to use it. You can watch the full album of equipment, training and related posts and photography here

All this under the pretext of Palestinians going to the United Nations (the same UN which is asked now to fire Khulood Badawi)  for a statehood bid and to train for protection against possible uprisings in the light of the statehood bid.

Protest which are mostly as not always suppressed with heavy violence even before they start. For an impression watch the category demos or videos. Most non-violent demos are muted before they start and after that even people in houses are attacked, indentified, photographed to be arrested and jailed afterwards even if they have done nothing at all staying arbitrary detained like Khaled Zawahre who was arrested on June 5, 2011 and served almost 9 months in prison for flashing a peacesign.

It get’s more pathetic…

To prevent people even arriving at the non-violent demos, Israel pulls all out of the closet to prevent people from arriving there. On July 29, 2012 tweep @Abou_Charlie was stalled at a checkpoint on his way to a non violent demo when his cellphone was stolen and hijacked by an Israeli soldier to send out lies. But we know our tweeps, and some online activists caught the soldier tweeting lies redhanded. You can read it all here

Today in the article of Israeli media which is inciting accusations at the address of Khulood Badawi media states “Israel” is watching her for a while and observing her activities. Of course we do too. That is why this was captured: a soldier yelling: “We Follow you at  Twitter!

So for all who still do not have the picture here. The weak spot of Israel has become a pornographic visibility. Their biggest fear: TRUTH. Witnesses, mouth-to-mouth stories, facebook posts, tweets and if they are not distinctive enough Israel has people like Avi Mayer, Gendelman to make something out of it, or Like Leibovitch who seems to receive an extra bonus for every time she tweets the word “terror”. It makes me wonder if these servants of the most moral army also earn 92$ an hour like the hasbara-recruits.  Electronic Intifada did an extensive investigation into this matter of the use of student to spread state propaganda

Not only pathetic, it get’s even sickening…

Not so long ago the IOF needed some serious profiling in the positive way so it orchestrated a video recommending the great aspects of the Israeli army. Boasting about saving lives, giving the helping hand, while in reality it keeps shutting mouths litterally even untill death. The most appalling hasbara might be their statement of their assistance in delivering babies.

In reality Israel targets pregnant women. 35 babies died in stillbirth at checkpoints because restrictions of movement are imposed on Palestinians. 18.000 women a year develop complications in their pregnancy due to these racist policies. These racist restrictions and the devastating shocking effects are described in a newly published report by the Israeli Physicians for Human Rights.

71 women gave birth at checkpoints. No news though neither. Already in 2003 Gideon Levy described in an article the lethal effects of Israel’s policies towards pregnant woman. And in this video you can witness it for yourself.

But news never gets out. Until Israel by accident X-Rays several times American and pregnant journalist Lynsey Addario and endagering her unborn baby and her life.

Tweeting with the army

As “Israel” seems to be paranoia spying on activists tweets, activists 24/7 also watch what is going on. Spokespersons of the “Israeli online twitterforces” are sometimes confronted with their lies instantly. Like in the case of Mustafa Tamimi where @SamiKishawi exposed the lies of the spokespeople who were shamelessly in the process of demonizing a non violent protester who just was murdered.

Not at the scene, not even informed just throwing up propaganda and creating a sphere of hostility and eternally hiding behind the so called security threats. Of a unarmed man, in a t-shirt,  shot by a till teeth protected soldier sitting inside a jeep btw, and violated already all rules of engagement of the army itself as well as international law by firing riot dispersal ammunition directly at the head of Mustafa Tamimi. Obstructing medical care, ignoring calls from (online) activists and eventually even lied about the circumstances in the hospital were he died.

To attack afterwards with great brutality even the funeral of Mustafa Tamimi as well as the press present (as usual). You can watch the video here

The Lies that can not denied anymore… caught on video

In the eternal severely violent attacks on protesters, in  2009 activist Tristan Anderson was shot in the head with a long range tear gas projectile causing skull was fractured and the frontal lobe of his brain was severely damaged.  New video evidence was recently brought forth in the last round  for justice.

Read the whole story at Mondoweiss and watch the video to convince yourself about the inhumane ways the occupier treats Palestinians and it’s supporters to silence them forever. Here, with fatal consequences. Not the first time, not the last as well if not deadly than paralyzing or brain damaging people for the rest of their lives.

A long history of Breaking Rights, Law, Bones but not the Will

Also caught on video: The policy of breaking the bones. Introduced during the First Intifada 1989-1991. To suppress those who rise up against the injustice and criminal occupation. For those alive and not killed in this, or any other of the appalling amount of masssacres on Palestinians torture, like depicted in the video stays one of the atrocities and appaling ways in which Israel tries to silence those who rise up against it’s oppression. Breaking laws, and litterally the bones, but never the will. If you watched the previous link of the first Intifada, the photography and compare this with today’s non-violent protests: You will witness nothing has changed at all. Except that Israel refined and improved the lethality and effectivity of it’s silencing violence.

That is why we won’t be silent no more. We can’t be silent no more. Silence … is complicity. These facts, caught on video, caught on camera, on whatever media, the eye-witness accounts and the diaries, they may not be ignored. The ongoing genocide on Palestine and all who is supporting is, the ongoing violations of Human Rights have to stop now.  This world, can not longer tolerate a criminal deadly occupation like this no more.

Back to Khulood…

Why Khulood? She was not even initiating the launched picture of 2006. If you use google photo search you will see the same picture was used by tens of websites accompanying (also misplaced) posts about Operation Cast Lead or white phosphorus, illegal weaponry posts all over the web. Israel did not take no action there.Why ManaraRam? She got immediately attacked by Avi Mayer who in the end, cause this buzz himself with making the insinuation and inciting people against Khulood and ManaraRam.

Actually Khulood is being framed. If you read the story above you might have noticed that Israeli hasbara picked her out later to put her on the front of a smear campaign to enforce their very misplaced claim at the UN to fire her. The same United Nations of which Israel is a member and vowed to obey by it’s ruling and laws. The regulations, it is violating every day.

As an online activist I met many collegue activists online but seldom you meet sincere and genuine people like Khulood Badawi who embody all principles of Humanity in the fullest sense of the word. She not only speaks it out in respect and in clarity, never transgressing the lines, always states clear facts and events. Reliable and with a real big heart for her people in word and deeds.

Even withing the Israeli “society itself” resistance is growing against the propaganda which is damaging Judaism as well and reports about “Tweets and Silence of Propaganda war”.  Also +972 Magazine covered immediately the story by posting a blogpost In propaganda battle, PM Spokesperson tweets old photo.

The Washington Post as well as many by hasbara influenced media in the meanwhile covering the story ignoring the fact Khulood nor ManaraRam, nor any of the activists online stated what Israel names as an accusation. Furtheron, it is quite embarassing main stream media’s skills have sunk to levels beyond imagination that all the facts mentioned above, with all the proof and even many agencies own experiences with apartheid against their press-employees have made in the past years.

Journalism died.  And if we don’t act and open our eyes, create the awareness this silencing, until death keeps going on. Literally muting from tweeting until termination.

In defense of Khulood Badawi I want to ask you to spread this post and appeal to the UN not to give into the demands of Israel. Israel first needs to meet it’s obligations to International law and regulations as well as human rights which Khulood as a person, unregarded her profession also has: Free Speech.

We, as online activists will not let them silence us to spread the truth and create awareness about the atrocities which are imposed on Palestinians, not will we allow to silence our people, our supporters and those who  are fighting for the cause and humanity in any way possible.

And to our Sister Khulood we want to say, you are not alone. We will fight for you too. We will never give up and the world needs more people like you.

Update March 18, 2012

JTA Article March 18 (Click to enlarge)

With an almost ‘disappointed sentiment’ JTA today posts an article Khulood Badawi was not fired yet reciting Prosor: “her post became the top tweet for anything related to Gaza on Twitter” (article displayed on the right, click to enlarge)

Apparently Prosor did not pay any attention for it had not been Khulood nor nobody else than the IOF itself making the association to Gaza as well as Spokespersons inciting others to escalate an “online questioning” of the pictures which was not even dated, related nor tweeted by Khulood in the first place. Yet the paid propaganda recruits of Israel did such entirely themselves.

Another remarkable statement in the article of JTA is, that Israel knows the girl in the picture in question definitly was not killed by IOF, but neither doesn’t know if she has been killed on a playground or a car accident. So far Israel’s intelligence capacities.

So Prosor is a liar too.

Because we are no fools we started digging and this is what we found. An article covered by Israeli media published on 30.08.2006 literally mentioning the girl ‘s name is Raja Abu Sha’ban girl 3 years old was killed by the army on August 9. Photo: Wafa News Agency. So far the allegations at the address of Khulood.

Click to enlarge

This article was by the way removed from it’s original source shortly after posting this screencapture on the blogpost. In the meanwhile the official website of the IDF remains persistant in it’s conclusion Khulood Badawi was the first to tweet this picture which regarding the above screencaptures of the initial tweeter is also to be regarded as slandering for she had definitly not been the first, the FB page in this case autotweeted the post from their wall to twitter.

Another picture of the father carrying the girl to the morgue – which according to Prosor was not killed by the Israeli Army –

A Relative carries the body of Rajaa Abu Shaban, into Shifa hospital in Gaza City, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006. An Israel air strike against Islamic militants in Gaza City on Wednesday killed three people, including 5-year-old Rajaa Abu Shaban, and wounded two more, Palestinian officials and witnesses said. The Israeli army said its forces attacked a ‘terrorist training camp’ in Gaza, but gave no further details. (AP photo/Adel Hana)

Reporting by online memorial and archive of casualties

In the online memorial Rememberthesechildren a very trustworthy source for assasinations or events in which children got killed with an archive dating back to the year 2000, names, the killing of Rajaa Abu Shaban also was covered on Aug 9, 2006, ‘killed by an IDF missile’

Reporting by Palestinian Center for Human Rights PCHR Gaza

An excerpt from the weekly reports which are posted weekly at the end of the week with detailed information about all attacks, violations and casualties since 2001 related the following – Weekly Report August 3-9, 2006

Killing: During the reported period, IOF killed 20 Palestinians, including 12 civilians, in the Gaza Strip. The victims included 6 children and an old man. In addition, civilian died from a previous wound he had sustained last month. It is noted that 17 of the victims were killed during a 3-day IOF incursion into Rafah. This number includes two brothers, who were attacked by an IOF drone while they were fleeing from the area together with their mother and brother, who were also wounded. It also included a 3-day-old baby, who fell from the hands of her mother who was fleeing from the area, as IOF shelled it. Most of the victims were killed by IOF air strikes. The remaining 3 victims, other than those who were killed in Rafah, were two members of the Palestinian resistance and a 3-yea-old child. The two members were killed by a missile fired by an IOF warplane, whereas the child died when she fell from the roof of her family’s house due to the heavy explosion caused by the missile.

Source at PCHR

This report was reposted the same day the report was issued by PCHR  on August 10, 2006 on Electronic Intifada

Further Context

Many propaganda website claim the child fell off a swing, concluding it with that and taking the shortcut there is no one to blame she just allegedly fell. Children do not obtain skull fractures which cause death  by falling of a swing where though if she was launched by the pressure wave caused by the impact of a missile such could be possible when smashed by the force of the explosion to an object which caused her skull fracture which lead to death.

Regarding the reporting and reliability from experience and consistency it is more likely PCHR in Gaza as witnesses on the ground itself and their extensive reporting of all events is more reliable than any version which Israeli propaganda (afterwards) rectifies, justifies or alters to make it acceptable or explainable for further investigation.

Avi Mayer justifiying the IOF had nothing to do with the death at all,  now hiding himself solely behind a caption correction of an original posted comment by the photographer can be easily pressured off by zionist occupation and is definitly no reliable proof nor source while several sources mention the cause of death, initially caused by impact of a missile . Not only PCHR and the same day at Intifada, but also the Israeli B’tselem archives of casualties.

Remains the issue, why the Israeli source of Machsom immediately after posting this screencapture stating the army killed the child removed the post from it’s server. While it had been there since 2006. You decide.

Yet, Israel decided to launch this so called top-tweet which originally was not even posted  by Khulood to begin with, into a huge issue itself into countless Mainstream and secundary media and flooding the “false photo” – myth, escalated by Avi Mayer and again into an “affair”, while it really does not matter it does not justify the crime nor the events which are very clearly induced by the heavy assault on Gaza on that day which caused another child to die as well.

The search term “top tweet on gaza proven false” now on google produces 11.200 results merely caused by Honestreporting, which is an propaganda promoting website also providing  Honestreporting  a petition asking only a name, country and emailadress to demand the dismissal of Khulood. Regarding this amount of searchresults it is not only a serious accusation for a tweet without any insinuations there where Avi Mayer started to state those and ignited the smearing campaign, an impact like this on a search engine can be regarded as huge slander at her address and person.

So far and looking back at Khulood’s tweet still no “falsehood” can be seen in the tweet which is neither stating a date, nor an event and only mentioning a casualty by Israeli violence which took place and indeed is confirmed to be the cause of the fall of the child, regardless on what or from what she fell or was smashed into.

It is very obvious, Israel’s moral bankrupty has reached levels which are beyond any recovery having paid propaganda-flooders even storyfing self forfilling and spreaded around backlinks to justify a death but merely to silence Khulood Badawi which remains a target of silencing because they whole “affair” as Mayer calls it now, is not to get truth about the photo nor the death of the child, but only aimed at putting Khulood Badawi in such a position and negativity which would in their self forfilling prophecy justify the demand for dismissal. Beholding this aspect only, makes it really sickening.


Where JTA strictly states IOF is not aware of the real cause of death (which they in reality were and are) YNet is contradicting this report stating in their todays coverage with an article called: Israel to UN: Fire worker over false Gaza Tweet In the not main stream media of Israel these articles and incitement are torn even further out of it’s proportion as well as the allegations towards Khulood.

The ICAHD, The International Committee against House Demolitions is expressing their support to Khulood.

Avi Mayer who initiated the whole incitement as described above in the first place, is now expanding his slander and has started a Story called “The Khulood Badawi Affair” repeating false accusations as well as  ending his “story” stating The story, one suspects, is not over quite yetat Storify

This remark “The story, one suspect, is not over quite yet” was afterwards removed by Avi Mayer which shows his vigilance for it could be seen as a … threat? Mayer, starting his story with there has been some confusion, maybe got a little confused himself?

Maybe this tweet below is as explaining as it is stating “CREATED AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT” and endorsed by Mayer by RT and the most accurate description for the attempted lunch which is going on:
Created indeed.

Update March 19, 2012)

It seems to keep Avi Mayer busy, his insinuations are posted back again underneath his story.

Update March 20, 2012

At the Electronic Intifada @JalalAK_jojo exposes the Israeli army official speakers again, and shows how the misinform their readers on Twitter.

In the meanwhile Israel not only demands dismissal for Khulood Badawi but even demands Baroness Ashton’s resignation for her comparision of the Toulouse Assassination and Gaza. While Israeli media shows it’s true face by posting frustrated and agitated and even childish remarks aiming now Max Gaylard (coordinator at UN OCHA) as well!

Excerpt of Jerusalem Post article March 20, 2012

“UN… The UN? Whatever.” ??

Surely Israel does not bother itself from UN nor any of it’s regulations, neither those it endorsed itself as a member. A transgressing member. Look here in this post for all UN resolutions against Israel.

Again I want to emphasize, as this story starts displayed above, it was solely Avi Mayer and his Jewish Internet Defense Force‘s friends calling for an online, public questioning, escalating themselves this “story” into a topic and into mainstream media in the first place. And again, with these kind of attacks against the expanding range of people of this calibre showing their disapproval getting attacked again (again escalated in main stream media) it is only Israel itself doing a great job deligitimizing itself and exposing more and more of it’s policies and moral bankruptcy.

For more remarks of the zionist kind, watch ICAI2. A facebook page which posts news, updates and photography of Palestine. Under attack by zionist’s paid facebook and online recruits. The remarks need no explanation. They very well know to show their true face and intention themselves. Go to the special blogpost for ICAI2

Update March 21, 2012

Ben White retweets what scraping barrel looks like. Indeed scraping the barrel: Avi Mayer still on “witchhunt”

Update March 23, 2012

Today on Ha’aretz aside an article covering 100’s of zionists beating up Palestinian workers, despite video footage and evidence no arrests, a full column add sized 300 by 600 pixels which is randomly added to the article by an adgenerator. Linking to the previously mentioned petition to fire Khulood Badawi.

Calling for signing petition with the headling: “UN blood libel Employee must go

Click image to see full size of the article and add

Update March 24, 2012

Al Mezan – March 22, 2012 (Arabic Below)

Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights has been informed of an Israel media and diplomatic campaign that raises suspicions around the conditions in which a 3-year-old girl, Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban, on 9 August 2006 in Gaza city, alleging that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) were not responsible for her killing. In order to clarify this matter, Al Mezan has consulted its databases and publications around this time and can verify the following information about this particular case.

At approximately 7:05 pm on Wednesday, 9 August 2006, Israeli helicopter gunships fired three missiles towards two Palestinian men who were in an open field near the Port Said (Nafaq) Street in Gaza city. The two men were killed and were identified as 17-year-old Ahmed Hassan Al Mishal and 25-year-old Ramadan Al Majdalawi. In addition, three-year-old Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban, who fell from a swing as a result of the impact of the explosions and died.

Al Mezan’s databases indicate that the young girl, who was born on 15 October 2003 and holds ID card number 409052339, was a resident of Rimal neighborhood in Gaza city and died when she fell over a swing she was playing on. She fell down due to the impact of explosions resulting from three Israeli missiles that hit an area near the house she was playing in. She died at the house of Al Qishawi family when she was with her family, who were visiting Al Qishawi family when the attack took place. Al Mezan’s investigations into the case, which were carried out the next few days after the incident, indicated that the IOF bear the responsibility for the death of the child. While the IOF did not target the girl directly, they launched an attack with three missiles on a densely populated area, which caused the death of the girl, the injury of three civilians and the damage of several houses in the area.

Al Mezan questions Israel’s continued claims that its forces are not responsible for a large number of killings and injuries of Palestinian civilians during IOF military operations in the Gaza Strip. This attitude comes in a continuous context of Israeli efforts to secure impunity for its soldiers and military commanders who are responsible for grave breaches of international law that caused death and/or injury to Palestinian civilians; the context that has allowed for such violations to continue for decades.


تصريح صحفي: مركز الميزان يؤكد مسئولية قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي عن قتل الطفلة رجاء سلام ابو شعبان بتاريخ 9/8/2006

بلغ مركز الميزان لحقوق الإنسان إطلاق إسرائيل حملة إعلامية ودبلوماسية تشكك في مسئولية قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي عن قتل الطفلة رجاء سلام ابو شعبان بتاريخ 9/8/2006 بمدينة غزة، مشككةً في مصداقية المعلومات بشأن هذه الحادثة. ولغرض توضيح هذه المسألة، يؤكد مركز الميزان لحقوق الإنسان أن توثيق المركز لهذه الحالة في حينه، وكما ورد في قواعد بيانات المركز التي تحتوي على معلومات مدققة جمعها باحثو المركز، وبياناته الصحفية تدل على مسئولية قوات الاحتلال الكاملة عن قتل هذه الطفلة. وفي هذا السياق يؤكد المركز على المعلومات التالية بشأن هذه الحالة.

أطلقت طائرات مروحية إسرائيلية ثلاثة صواريخ، عند حوالي الساعة 19:05 من مساء الأربعاء الموافق 9/8/2006، تجاه شابين تواجدا في أرض زراعية، بالقرب من شارع النفق في مدينة غزة ما أدى إلى استشهادهما، وهما أحمد حسن المسحال، البالغ من العمر (17) عاماُ، ورمضان المجدلاوي، البالغ من العمر (25) عاماً جراء إصابتهم بشظايا الصواريخ. كما أسفر القصف عن وفاة الطفلة رجاء أبو شعبان، التي لم تتجاوز عامها الثالث، بعد أن سقطت عن أرجوحة في منزل بالقرب من المكان.

وتشير قواعد بيانات المركز إلى أن الطفلة رجاء سلام عبد الكريم أبو شعبان، المولودة بتاريخ 15/10/2003، وتحمل هوية رقم 409052339، من سكان حي الرمال الجنوبي في مدينة غزة توفيت إثر سقوطها عن أرجوحة في منزل القيشاوي بعد أن أطلقت طائرات إسرائيلية صواريخ تجاه مجموعة من الشبان في حي الشيخ رضوان بمدينة غزة. وقد كانت الطفلة في منزل عائلة القيشاوي برفقة اسرتها التي كانت تزور هذه العائلة، وذلك بتاريخ 9/8/2006. وتبين تحقيقات المركز أن هناك علاقة مباشرة بين وفاة الطفلة والهجوم الإسرائيلي على المنطقة. فبالرغم من أن الطفلة لم تكن مستهدفة بشكل مباشر، إلا أن الهجوم وقع في منطقة سكنية، واستخدمت قوات الاحتلال فيه ثلاثة صواريخ أدت لمقتل الطفلة، والمستهدفين، وجرح ثلاثة اشخاص وتضرر عدد من المنازل السكنية في المنطقة.

ويستغرب المركز استمرار إسرائيل في ادعاء عدم المسئولية عن عدد كبير من حالات قتل وجرح مدنيين فلسطينيين بسبب العمليات العسكرية التي تشنها قواتها على قطاع غزة، وهو ما يتسق مع جهود إسرائيل في تأمين الحصانة لجنودها وقادتها المسئولين عن انتهاكات جسيمة للقانون الدولي تؤدي إلى قتل وإيذاء المدنيين الفلسطينيين.


Update March 27, 2012

And again an epic fail for hasbara about the tweeted picture. It really was Israel killing the child.

Leaves the question is Avi Mayer and his hasbara gang now will retract his over 12.000 produced posts of slander at the address of Khulood around the WWW and also will be a real man to update the FACTS to all media outlets in which his incitement was reposted.

We’re waiting if he has the beitsim (eggs)

But that’s not all…. yet… more about Avi Mayer:

Jewish Agency ‘Social Media Guru,’  Invents UN Scandal, Denies Armenian Genocide – By Richard Silverstein | March 27, 2012

Update april 29, 2012

April 29, 2012 | Where is @UN employee @KhuloodBadawi?



Khoolod Badawi, a charismatic and passionate Palestinian woman takes us to the “ground zero” of her identity — the village of Safuri, from which her family was exiled in 1948.  Comments have being restricted and require approval due to heinous comments made on this video. by on Nov 30, 2011


This Action Alert was originally posted by the Alternative Information Centre at

Support Palestinian UN employee Khulood Badawi, currently under attack for expressing a personal opinion on her own Facebook page.

Khulood Badawi is a field worker with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), documenting  human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. No one has ever questioned the professionalism of Badawi’s work in OCHA.

Khulood Badawi was also a political activist, dedicated to the defense of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, as well as a feminist. Due to her work in OCHA, she has carefully refrained from any public political activity, a choice that definitely was not easy for her.

For several days now, Khulood is the target of an organized campaign aimed at pushing her out of OCHA, as well as delegitimizing all Palestinian employees in the UN agencies. The pretext for this campaign against Khulood Badawi is a blog on Israel’s recent aggression against the Gaza Strip that she published on her private Facebook page.

Needless to say, working within these UN institutions are many Israeli Jews who advocate pro-Israeli political opinions, and no one challenges their right to work there, as long as these opinions are expressed outside the framework of their UN work and in their personal capacity.

Every person for whom freedom of opinion is important must stand by Khulood Badawi and her right to express herself on her personal Facebook page. Every person who cares for human rights must denounce the racist campaign against Khulood Badawi.

Please sent emails in support of Khulood Badawi to the following Jerusalem-based UN officials:

Richard Miron
Chief Public Information Officer

M. Ramesh Rajasingham
Head,OCHA – occupied Palestinian territory

Amanda Pitt

Hayat Abu Saleh

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