JI ameer condemns use of dogs by Israeli police to chase Palestinians

[ 18/03/2012 – 10:50 AM ]

PAKISTAN, (PIC)– Jamaat e Islami Pakistan ameer Syed Munawar Hasan has strongly condemned Israeli soldiers for unleashing dogs on Palestinian protestors, calling it one of the worst violations of human rights and civil liberties committed under the nose of western media as their regimes were keeping a criminal silence over the gross violations of Palestinians fundamental rights.

In his response to the incident on Saturday, he said the reports and the footage released by electronic and print media had clearly unveiled the fascist face of Israel. “The dog was dragging the blood-soaked innocent Palestinian while the Israeli soldiers were enjoying the brutal scene,” he deplored.

He lamented that the Muslims in Palestine were facing atrocities at the hands of Israeli forces under the patronage of the US but no one was there to condemn these terrorist activities. “Even rulers of 57 Muslim countries have kept mum over this serious issue,” he regretted.

He further said the Muslim rulers had not taken any action against US aggression in Afghanistan and it would be more unfortunate for Muslims even if they turned a blind eye on the issue.

He dubbed the acts of urinating on Taliban bodies in Afghanistan by the US soldiers and unleashing the dog on a Palestinian a slap in the face of civilized world.

He appealed to the Muslims that they should unite against the US and its allies in order to get rid of their anti-Muslim policies.


Unarmed protesters in Palestine attacked with Bullets, Rounds & … Dogs – March 16, 2012 – Photography & Video

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