UN report: Israel demolished 574 Palestinian buildings last year

[ PIC 20/03/2012 – 06:19 PM ]

GENEVA, (PIC)– The UN high commissioner for human rights criticized the Israeli forces for using live ammunition against unarmed Palestinians and for increasing demolition of their property.

The international organization said in a report that the Israeli forces demolished 574 Palestinian buildings in the period December 1st 2010 to mid-November 2011 including 203 houses and displaced 957 Palestinians.

The report noted that Israel was adamant on its demolition policy of Palestinian homes at a time it imposes strict measures on issuing new building permits, describing the act as a flagrant challenge to international laws and doctrines.

The report also lashed out at Israel for its double standards in dealing with Palestinians and its settlers, explaining that settlers are tried before civilian courts while Palestinians attend military trials.

It said that the Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip for more than five years now was affecting the humanitarian conditions in the enclave.

The report urged the Israeli government to adopt all necessary measures to restrict the use of excessive force against Palestinian civilians, to halt settlers’ attacks on the Palestinian citizens and their property, and to halt building the separation wall and to dismantle the sections of it built on Palestinian land.

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