Prisoners’ DNA Forcibly Collected

PNN | Wednesday, 21 March 2012 14:45

On Wednesday, March 21, the Prisoners’ Center for Studies warned that the Israeli Prison Administration will continue to forcibly take DNA samples from the 450 prisoners in Negev prison.

Palestinian prisoners have refused to have these tests or cooperate with the Prison Administration. PNN has been able to find zero instances of prisoner cooperation. The prisoners are planning a collective protest throughout Israeli prisons, following the imposed DNA tests and a recent Israeli crackdown on Palestinian prisoners at Ofer Military Prison which included gas bombs, sticks and police-dogs. In similar crackdowns at Shatta and Megiddo Prisons, Israeli security forces entered the prisons and dragged prisoners by their hands and legs before forcing prisoners to remove their cloths to be taken to a hospital clinic.

Former prisoner, Ra’fat Hamdona, and current head of the Prisoners’ Centre for Studies and a member of the Prisoners’ Committee of the National and Islamic Forces was suspicious of any good intentions from the Israeli side. Hamdona said that the DNA tests are used to manipulate the prisoners’ lives, to use their bodies as fields for new experiment, and to steal parts of their bodies.

Hamdona said that the prisoners are afraid of the tests that the Prison Administration is supposed to exempt political prisoners from the DNA tests mandated for criminal prisoners. Israel is hoping the DNA sampling and tests with confirm that the political prisoners are terrorists and killers.

Hamdouna called on international humanitarian and human rights institutions to immediately intervene to stop these physical violations that disregard the international laws and threatens the prisoners’ lives and identities. Hamdona also called on the International Red Cross and local Palestinian institutions to put pressure on Israel to stop the forced tests.

Hussam, a society for detainees and ex-detainees, stated that the Criminal Security Committee of the Israeli police confirmed forcing the prisoners to undergo DNA tests.



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