Rizqa: Supplying Gaza with Egyptian fuel save it from Israel’s hegemony

[ PIC 22/03/2012 – 09:35 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Political advisor to the Palestinian premier Yousuf Rizqa said that the Israeli approval to allow shipments of fuel into the Gaza Strip was an attempt to incite the Palestinian public opinion against Hamas Movement.

Rizqa told Quds Press on Wednesday that that Israeli occupation wants to show itself as the side that is concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, and Hamas as the side that is behind the fuel crisis, noting that the Israeli side has always preconditions before allowing fuel supplies.

“Israel wants to restore its position in Gaza and control the fuel going into Gaza; this is a media maneuver aimed at confusing the Palestinian arena and the public opinion in Gaza, and holding Hamas Movement responsible,” the official stated.

“We like to say, however, that Hamas wants keenly to see the Arab Egyptian fuel imported into Gaza and the Rafah crossing as the passage point for this fuel so as to save Gaza from the Israeli political and security hegemony,” he underscored.

Rizqa made his remarks in response to Israeli claims that it agrees to allow in fuel shipments, and that Hamas is the party which still refuses that.

In a related context, an informed source at the committee on industry and energy of the Egyptian parliament revealed to the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the government of Kamal Ganzouri in Cairo was recently pressured by the Palestinian authority (PA) in Ramallah and Israel to prevent Egyptian intentions to help Gaza out of its fuel and power crisis.

According to the source, some members of this parliamentary committee discussed lately with senior Egyptian government officials the obstacles pertaining to supplying Gaza with fuel and they were told that PA officials intervened and warned the government of Ganzouri that it cannot use Rafah crossing to send fuel shipments to Gaza at the pretext there are agreements signed in this regard by Egypt, the PA and Israel.

The source added that the members of the committee threatened the government officials to hold a parliamentary session to question the Egyptian premier about this matter and to withdraw confidence from his government if it did not help Gaza and insisted on yielding to pressures from the PA and Israel.

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