Protest in al-Khalil to demand release of political prisoners

[ PIC 23/03/2012 – 05:52 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– A demonstration was organised on Thursday afternoon at Ibn Rushd Square, in the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil to protest political detention by the PA in Ramallah. The protest was called for by the committee of political detainees’ families and the Muslim Youth Association.

The rally was started by marking the martyrdom of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin who was described by one of the participants as the teacher and leader who fought against injustice and taught those who have usurped rights how to regain their rights.

A woman who spoke on behalf of the demonstrators said: “We stand here one year after our first protest to ask for our rights the reinstatement of which will former the greater part of the reconciliation process. We have not come out to praise Hamas and the Qassam Brigades although that would be an honour, neither have we come out to chant against Fatah, although its members harmed us, denied us our rights and participated in our wounds. We have come out to sound a cry against oppressive policies. We have come out to say to the oppressor: you are an oppressor. We have come out to say clearly to the top officials; Abbas, Fayyad and Damir that oppression and oppressors do not last.”

She criticised the practices of the PA security agencies against political prisoners which she compared to those used by the occupation against Palestinian captives and said that it was a shame that political prisoners in PA jails found themselves like their brothers in occupation jails have no choice but to protest their oppressive conditions by going on hunger strike as their bodies and souls are the only means of protest they have.

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