Detained young woman Amani Al-Khandakji, 27 years old on hunger strike in Israeli jails | #StopAD

[ 25/03/2012 – 06:28 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Amani Al-Khandakji has joined the long queue of Palestinian administrative detainees who have gone on hunger strike to protest their detention without trial or charge.

Firas Sabah, a lawyer with the Dameer foundation for human rights, said on Sunday that Amani, 27, went on hunger strike on the first day of her arrest last Tuesday.

He said that she told him of her strike when he visited her in jail last Thursday, adding that she protested her unjustified arrest and demanded her immediate release.

Amani said that Israeli occupation forces stormed her family home in a pre-dawn raid on Tuesday and took her to Hawara detention center, adding that female conscripts searched her on the way.

She added that she was again searched the following day when she was taken to Askalan jail and that a female warden wanted to strip search her but she adamantly refused.

Amani said that in the jail she was questioned about opening a Facebook page in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and whether she was paid to do that by a certain party but she insisted that it was a personal initiative.

Amani is the sister of Basem Khandakji, who is serving three life sentences in Israeli occupation jails since 2/11/2004.

Dameer foundation called for the immediate release of Amani and all Palestinians held under administrative custody.

Meanwhile, The Israeli “Almagor Terror Victims Association” urged the Israeli government not to release Hana’a Shalabi who has been on hunger strike for almost 40 days protesting her administrative detention.

It claimed that Shalabi was planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and trade them for Palestinian prisoners.

The organization said that anyone supporting Shalabi’s release was supporting “terrorism against Israelis and army soldiers”.

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Hunger Strikers, Risks for Health & Life

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