Hamas reveals documents on conspiracy by PA, Fatah against Gaza

[ PIC 24/03/2012 – 04:18 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement said it has documents and minutes of meetings proving the involvement of the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority with the Mossad, the US intelligence, and Arab parties in the fuel and power crisis of the Gaza Strip.

In a rally organized on Friday against the fuel conspiracy, member of Hamas’s political bureau Khalil Hayya pledged to expose the frame-up against his Movement and reveal in time all documents in this regard.

Hayya emphasized that this conspiracy is aimed at making the Palestinian masses forget the heroic steadfastness demonstrated by Hamas during the Israeli war on Gaza and its achievement of the successful prisoner swap deal, Wafa Al-Ahrar.

He affirmed that his Movement has concrete information not analytics stating that high-level US officials, Zionist leaders, political and security officials from the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, and Arab figures having ties with the occupation met several times to explore avenues of tightening the blockade on Gaza, and forcing Hamas to recognize Israel.

The Arabic section of the Palestinian information center (PIC) published on Friday two documents issued by Fatah related to this conspiracy. Other documents will be posted later when disclosed by Hamas.

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