Israeli court sentences Jerusalemite for alleged affiliation with Hamas

[ PIC 28/03/2012 – 09:54 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli central court in Jerusalem sentenced Mohammed Duweyat, from Sour Baher in occupied Jerusalem, on Tuesday to seven and a half years in jail for alleged affiliation with Hamas.

Hebrew media said that the man, who was also sentenced to ten months suspended sentence, was found “guilty” of affiliation with an outlawed organization (Hamas), possession of weapons, and for planning violent acts.

The Israeli court said that Duweyat prepared an explosive device and was planning to throw it near the tunnels crossing in southern Jerusalem but reversed his plan and threw it near Gilo suburb where a garbage collector picked it up and it exploded in his hand amputating one of his fingers. The court said that Duweyat should pay the worker 54000 dollars in compensation.

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