PALESTINE NEWS | March 29, 2012

“Israel kills by deprivation of Healthcare”
Facts tweeted earlier now storified

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
March 29, 2012 | 23330 Days Since Al-Nakba & Gaza has been under siege for 1753 days

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Palestine Under Attack Timeline | In pictures Aug 2011 | Oct 2011 | Dec 2011

Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives!

Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.

As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”.

Deliberate Deprivation Healthcare | Electricity | Water | Communication

Settler Violence increased with 50%

Below categories and topics are continuously being updated with attacks by colonists on Palestinians or Palestine’s properties.

Settler Terrorism Topic | Category | Pictures | New: Interactive Map

Israel tries to hide the atrocities of it’s occupation. Why you didn’t know…

By all means possible Israel tries to prevent truth coming out of Palestine. By attacks on press, journalists, photographers, hijacking or piracy on the internet, even attacking live tweeting/streaming/documenting professionals and online activists and of course by it’s main propaganda machine of hasbara to alter truth, facts and not to forget even attempts to alter history. All, to prevent some truth reaches your eyes or ears:

Silencing Truth Attacks on Press | Hasbara (Propaganda) | Censorship

Continuous updates..

A “Leaflet” to the World about it’s own “forgotten” Extermination Camp called Gaza

Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White

Palestine’s Right of Self-Defense ~ by Stephen Lendman

Separation Diary – Video

‘Tears of Gaza’ – This movie will change you. So you won’t say: We didn’t know

URUGUAY in Solidarity with Palestine on #LandDay

Land Day: From Gaza to Sakhnin we are all united with Bil’in – Video

West Bank civil servants threaten protest strikes against Fayyad government

Israeli army digs itself into hole over top rabbi who says soldiers may rape non-Jewish women during war

Israeli soldiers and settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Settlers Expand Illegal Outpost in Nablus

Israel Seizes Thousands of dunums of land, Uproots Thousands of Trees, says Report

PA: Israel deportation policy ‘a war crime’

Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike in Return for Expulsion

Army Kidnaps 9 Palestinians In the West Bank

Arab citizens excluded from Independence Day torch-lighting

Deal reached to free Hana Shalabi (updated)

PA court extends detention of journalist Shayeb two weeks

Prisoners society reports deal to free hunger-striker

Palestine core issue on OIC platform: Ihsanoglu – Kashmir Watch

Detention prolonged for Palestinian Lawmaker

Israeli court orders six-month administrative detention of Sheikh Hadid

Jewish settlers terrorize Palestinian family, seize their house in Al-Khalil

Egypt food aid to enter Gaza, PA official says

Report: Israeli truck driver briefly abducted in West Bank

Khamis, injured by the Israeli navy while fishing in the waters of Gaza ~ by @rosa_schiano

Settlers Attack Internationals Accompanying School Children on Shuhada Street – Video

Israel wants Iran isolated, but instead isolates itself

Losses in millions of dollars due to Gaza power crisis

I refuse to perpetuate the rule of terror: Israel’s refuseniks

#AhmadAliHajj | Calls on EU Parliament to press Israel into releasing Palestinian MP Hajj

La Palestinienne Hanaa Chalab cesse sa grève de la faim, exilée à Gaza

Israel begins new air and ground assaults on Gaza

Dancing the Dabka in Beit Hanoun, north Gaza Strip – 29 March 2012 – Video

Tree Planting to mark Land Day in Palestine – Photography

Israel stands by debunked story of Palestinian child’s death

PRESS RELEASE | Addameer and PHR-Israel Cannot Yet Confirm That Hana Shalabi Has Ended Her Hunger Strike

On the eve of Land Day: Al Quds anticipates the Global March

Deal reached to free Hana Shalabi

Gaza group calls for armed resistance

Egyptian security detain 15 Palestinians

Arab summit backs Palestinian cause

Israeli tanks enter southern Gaza Strip

MaanNews breaking news: Deportation of #HanaShalabi to #Gaza in return she ends her hunger strike

Egypt security thwart Gaza fuel smuggling

UN Security Council members ‘to visit Palestine’

Israel Police detains 16 soccer fans over attack of Arab workers in Jerusalem mall

New: On the eve of Land Day: Al Quds anticipates the Global March

POLL: %68 of #Israel reject condition to stop settlements, %58 of #Palestine reject negotiations before condition…

East Bay Jewish Federation leader boasts, “I’d shoot anyone anywhere if they were yelling Allahu Akhbar!”

MK Zoabi: Struggle for democracy is a struggle against Zionism

France bars four more Islamic preachers from entry for Islamic conference:

PHOTOS | Tree Planting to mark #LandDay in Tel Rumeida, Mar. 29, 2012:

PHOTOS | Tree Planting to mark #LandDay in Kafr al-Dik, Mar. 29, 2012:

PHOTOS | Tree Planting to mark #LandDay in Issawiya, Mar. 29, 2012:

PHOTOS | Protest in support of Hana Shalabi, #Ofer Prison, Mar. 29, 2012: v.@RichardDufek

PHOTOS | Delegates of Neturei Karta arrived in #Beirut, Mar. 29, 2012:

Israeli occupation forces Thursday opened fire towards east of Al Fukhkhari and Khuzaa,
#Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported.

Erez Crossing will be closed tomorrow, Friday, 30 March.
#Gaza #gmj #LandDay

NEWS | 37 Indian activists detained by Lebanese authorities at Beirut port:

NEWS | Israeli police and the army were on Thursday gearing up for a raft of demonstrations and marches expected…

Jews Control More than 85% of Historical Palestine, says Statistics Bureau

BREAKING | Undercover occupation forces kidnapped Palestinian north of Bethlehem.!/majds/status/185427068618686464

Israel Killed 115 Palestinians, incl 18 Minors in 2011, Says Rights Group
Group can’t count:

Army: Rocket lands in Israeli territory

Red Cross to provide fuel to Gaza hospitals

Gaza ambulances out of service due to fuel crisis

Report: New ‘fly-in’ planned for April

6 Palestinians were murdered on #LandDay in 1976: Khayr Yasin, Raja Riya, Khader Khalila, Khadija Juhayna, Muhammed Taha, Rafat Zuhairi #RIP

“@urihoresh: the downgrade in Hana Shalabi’s medical attention also involves a 40 km drive in dense traffic.

Delegates of #NatureiKarta opposed to Zionism,arrived at the International Conf in solidarity with #Palestine in Beirut

Solidarity with prisoner #HanaShalabi today out side the ministry of defense in Tel Aviv

Gaza group calls for armed resistance

Israeli occupation to raze water wells in Al-Khalil villages

IOF soldiers round up 9 Palestinians

IOF kidnap three school children in Al-Khalil yesterday – March 29, 2012

Envoy: UN Security Council members to visit Palestine

Marwan Barghouti: A Decade of Defiance

Israel threatens Global March to #Jerusalem

Solidarity demo@ Israeli Embassy 30 March 5pm #GMJ
Witnesses: Israeli forces raid Tulkarem camp

Must read/watch: Song Exposes Espionage, Jails Journalist and Costs Diplomat Job

Launch Of A Dutch Funded Programme To Support The Palestinian Civil Police

Hammad: “Land Day Marches Are Nonviolent”

Pro-Palestinian activists to hold second ‘fly-in’

Blatant arrogance – Israel to bar UN fact-finding team from entering –

#OWS #Occupy say goodbye to yr taxdollars: Pentagon backs expanding Israel’s anti-rocket defenses

Palestinians protest Israeli detention of woman #HanaShalabi without charges

Palestinians hold demo for #HanaShalabi in Gaza Strip

Abbas: ‘Unity is frozen’

New Kadima Party Leader: who wants President’s job once ‘sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day’

73-year-old PLC member Ahmad Al-Hajj Ali is still on hunger strike, now on Day 16, in protest of his administrative detention!/Addameer_ps/status/185313302782541825

‘Global March to Jerusalem’: Israel’s borders on high alert as huge protests loom

Settlers Occupy A Palestinian Home In Hebron

Israeli forces ‘detain 2’ in overnight raid near Bethlehem

#GM2J | International activists prepare to mark Palestinian Land Day | #Mar30

Israel Bought an Airfield Called Azerbaijan’: Tweet Mark Perry has published another…

Zionist Settler scum Takeover Building in Hebron

Palestinians to March to Jerusalem Tomorrow.

Occupied lives: dying for medical supplies

Serry demands solution to case of hunger striker #HanaShalabi

Israeli forces fire at demonstrators in occupied Jerusalem

Read #HanaShalabi’s updated profile here:

Israeli forces fire at demonstrators in occupied Jerusalem

Migron’s Palestinian neighbors waiting to see if they get land back (Amira Hass, Haaretz)

Hamas warns Israel against harming Assayyed

Students from American and European universities stand in solidarity with #HanaShalabi

Egypt Hands Body Of Arab-Israeli Man To Tel Aviv: Egyptian security sources reported that the Egyptian Authoriti…

Female Rabbi Supports the Global March to Jerusalem


Ask Bobby McFerrin to respect the Palestinian call for boycott, & cancel his planned performance in Israel in May

“Israeli” Hasbara: Behead Those Who Speak the Truth!

Hammad: “Land Day Marches Are Nonviolent”

Cultivate Hope a poem for #HanaShalabi

Land Day | Artwork by Mohammed Hassona | @impalestinian

Unhinged @JRubinBlogger attacks WaPo colleague @ezraklein as “ignorant,” “uninformed.” Great hire, Fred Hiatt!

Barghouthi Calls For PA Halting Collaboration With The Zionist Entity

Action Alert

Global March to Jerusalem- Official Website
All posts on this blog about the GM2J

Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa

Ethnic cleansing & Denial of Palestinian identity – Special Topic
Israel’s Likud threatens to invade Al-Aqsa Mosque – Overview
More Information about Al-Aqsa Under Threats – PDF
All posts about Al-Aqsa Mosque – Category

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…


Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Video & Photography
Al-Aqsa Assault – February 24, 2012 – Photography

Hana Shalabi
Hana’ Yayha Ash-Shalabi – Action Alert
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Palestinian Hungerstrikers –List of all names
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