Resheq: All forms of resistance is our choice to liberate the land

[ PIC 31/03/2012 – 10:44 AM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq said all forms of resistance would remain the Palestinian people’s choice to liberate their land and return to their homes they were expelled from.

“On the 36th anniversary of the blessed land day uprising against the Zionist settlement attack of 1976 in the territories of the Trianlge area, the Galilee, and the Negev, we feel inspired by memories of earlier steadfastness and resistance which the Zionist occupation, with all its crimes and terrorism, was unable to erase from the Palestinian mind that is still vibrant and deeply rooted inside the souls of its successive generations,” Resheq stated on his Facebook page on the anniversary of the Palestinian land day.

“We affirm today that the occupation will inevitably be gone and that the power of justice is stronger than the forces of darkness,” he underlined.

The Hamas official urged the Arab and Muslim nations to move to defend the Aqsa Mosque and save it from the Jewish attempts to demolish and Judaize it.

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