Must read: A game of make believe ~ by Khalid Amayreh

[ 01/04/2012 – 09:25 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh

Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas is behaving in a theatrical manner these days. It is very much like “now you see it, now you don’t,”

The talk about his mythical “letter” or “ultimatum” to Israel reminds us of the notorious illusions of the past few years such as the “September entitlement,” the Annapolis conference and the numerous other lies and events orchestrated in coordination with the U.S. and meant to deceive and mislead the Palestinian public by giving the masses a false hope that something is in the offing.

The PA-run media has been babbling and blathering about “Abbas’s letter” as if the Day of Judgment would take place the day after the letter is delivered to the “graceful hands” of Bibi Netanyahu.

According to the latest reports, the Americans and their European partners have convinced Abu Mazen to delete any indication or threat from the letter alluding to the dismantlement of the PA.

On some occasions, Abbas alluded to the possible dissolution of the PA regime if the world community failed to force Israel to end the occupation that started in 1967.

But neither the US nor Israel took this warning seriously. It also seems that many Palestinians as well, perhaps a sizeable majority, don’t believe the PA leadership.

There is no doubt that the very existence of the PA is an Israeli achievement and vital interest. This is why Israel, and especially the United States, will think twice before allowing Abbas to reach the Rubicon.

This is not say though that the Israelis and their guardian-allies, the Americans, will meet Abbas’s demands, including taking a decision to freeze all Jewish settlement expansion activity and seriously revive the effectively moribund two-state solution.

The maximum the Obama administration would do, especially at this juncture, is to give the PA some extra money and tell it to shut up. They would also do a little bit of cajoling and bamboozling, along with some prodding and bullying.

Hasn’t this been the American and European modus operandi in dealing with the PA ever since the death of Yasser Arafat and even before?

I believe a great majority of our people, both at home and in the Diaspora, are fed up with Abbas’s whimsical rituals. Some unctuous hangers-on and hypocrites would portray the huge disillusionment of the people as support for Abbas. But this is the task of these sycophants, namely to falsify facts to make their boss feel that all’s right.

But this is not the case.

First of all, the PA and Mr. Abbas in particular, ought to be frank and honest with the people, and tell them in straightforward manner that the goal of establishing a viable and sovereign state in the West Bank is no longer realistic due to the ubiquitous proliferation of Jewish colonies.

And there is no shred of evidence that a prospective Israeli government, let alone the present Nazi-like coalition of hard-line Zionists and brashly racist Talmudic gurus, would under no circumstances agree to dismantle or depopulate these colonies, even in return for a perfect peace offer.

The Israeli political-military establishment is too arrogant, too insolent and ideologically too rigid to allow any real transformation toward peace. In fact, the only transformation that we notice in Israel these days is a transformation toward Jewish fascism.

The recent election of Shaul Mofaz, a certified war criminal by every standard of imagination, as Leader of the Kadima party should provide us with some food for thought in this regard.

Second, the United States, on which the PA and like-minded Arabs still pin their hope for achieving peace and justice, is actually part of the problem. Israel through its powerful Jewish lobby is simply grabbing America by the throat, so much so, that most American politicians have come to realize that without throwing themselves squarely into the Jewish lobby’s lap, they would have no chance of winning elections or staying in their jobs for five minutes.

And, of course, Barack Obama, is no exception.

I know that most American politicians shake at the mere notion of criticizing Israel or saying a kind word about the Palestinians. I also know that many others are virtual political whores who would just side with richer and more powerful party, and American Jews have both the political power and money.

This American reality should enable us to argue rather objectively that if the Palestinians wanted to wait until the US restores a sense of justice, morality and balance to its Middle Eastern policy, they would have to wait decades, many decades, perhaps even centuries.

In short, America is part of the problem, it can’t be part of the solution.

As to the Europeans, their role seems innocuous, but they can’t be relied upon to make Israel budge. Europe is simply too weak, too undetermined, too unprincipled and too divided to force Israel to succumb to the logic of peace.

Added to this is the fact that the two-state strategy is actually dead, even though its kept alive by artificial means. Yes, the Americans, Europeans and some Palestinian leaders keep talking about it, but they all know in their hearts that this solution is no longer possible.

Last week, PLO official Ahmed Qrei’ pointed out that it was too late for establishing a Palestinian state, especially one enjoying territorial continuity, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

It is really mind-boggling why Abbas and his coteries in Ramallah don’t really listen to these words. Are they blind? Or are they treating the national interests and legitimate rights of their people with recklessness and nonchalance?

Well, it is time these people sought an alternative strategy to put our people on a definitive track that would lead to freedom and liberation.

We certainly are not demanding miracles from President Abbas and his partners. We only would like to see them think right for the future.

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