4 Year old Aseel Ara’ara, shot by Israel to Quadriplegia last year died today

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون
الله يرحم كل الشهداء

April 3, 2012

Little Aseel Ara’ara was shot on Wednesday morning Oct 26, 2011 by Israeli snipers in her neck with live ammunition resulting in Quadraplegia. She died today.

Violence against children and direct targeting of (playing) children is reaching unknown heights and intolerable. Not only direct targeting, but indiscriminate bombing of Gaza and it’s urban, highly dense residential areas leave many children wounded, disabled or dead.

Yet direct targeting also happens in Gaza as in the case of 17 year old Khames, who was shot with 10 bullets in head and upperbody. Khames was mentally disabled and nearing a no – go zone and immediately assassinated.

Attacks against (unarmed) children are a transgression of literally every law imaginable and this world should act against these atrocities committed by Israel.

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