Ghannouchi: No normalization with Israel

Ghannouchi: No normalization with Israel

Al Qassam Website 03-04-2012,08:40

Al Qassam website – The head of Ennahda Movement in Tunisia Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi has stressed that his country would never have normal relations with Israel.

Ghannouchi, addressing a rally in Jendouba on Sunday evening, said that the revolution of January 14 was not only against injustice, tyranny and corruption, but also against the past regime’s “suspicious relations” especially with Israel, referring to the Israeli assassination of some Palestinian leaders in Tunisia.

In the rally attended by members of the movement and its supporters on the occasion of Palestinian anniversary of “Land Day”, Ghannouchi said “Palestine is the heart of the Islamic nation and whatever threatens Palestine actually threatens all Islamic countries”. He also stressed that “there is no room today for normalization with the Zionist entity.”

As for the revolution of Tunisia, Ghannouchi confirmed that it has managed to achieve “important” steps towards achieving its goals.

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