Palestinian prisoners in four Israeli prisons on hunger strike

[ PIC 03/04/2012 – 10:23 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The ministry of prisoners in Gaza said that Palestinian prisoners in four Israeli jails are going on a single day hunger strike on Tuesday as part of their protest steps against oppression and violation of rights.

The ministry said that the prisoners in Askalan, Nafha, Eshel, and Raymon jails will go on hunger strike, adding that they would continue their escalation reaching to open hunger strike.

The ministry quoted the prisoners as saying that they were seeking to regain usurped rights, to improve their incarceration conditions, and to end the policy of solitary confinement, which mainly targets Palestinian leaders.

The prisoners urged all human rights groups and free people of the world to back their rightful demands before the conditions inside those jails deteriorate beyond repair.


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Hunger Strikers, Risks for Health & Life

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