PA committed to “free speech”, in meanwhile: Female journalist in PA jail carried to hospital

[ PIC 04/04/2012 – 08:50 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Palestinian journalist Esmat Abdulkhaleq, who has been held in PA custody for a week, was rushed to hospital after her health deteriorated.

Nihad Abu Ghoushe, a member of the journalists syndicate, said on Tuesday that Esmat was returned to the preventive security jail after going to hospital.

He said that Esmat’s health condition was not stable. She is also suffering mentally after the PA security banned visits to her, he added.

The PA prosecution accuses Esmat of writing insulting comments to the PA chief Mahmoud Abbas on her Facebook page. The prosecution extended her detention for 15 days pending investigation.

The journalist denies the charge, saying that other comments, not hers, were the ones described as insulting to Abbas.

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