800 thousand Palestinian have been arrested by Zionist enemy since 1967

[ PIC 05/04/2012 – 08:11 PM ]

GENEVA, (PIC)– Head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Qaddura Fares, revealed that the Zionist occupation forces arrested since 1967 until today, nearly 800 thousand Palestinians, “on the backdrop of practicing their right, which is guaranteed by all international laws and norms, to resist the occupation in order to attain freedom and independence.”

He explained that “over the past decades until today, the occupation authorities have committed many crimes against the freedom fighters and that no peace agreement can be signed without freeing them.” This was revealed in Fares’ speech at United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, on Wednesday, during the second day of the United Nations International Conference on the Palestinian issue, which is held under the title “The issue of Palestinian political prisoners in prisons and Israeli detention centers … Political and legal repercussions. ”

Fares said “The occupation authorities exercised torture, collective punishment, killing and detention of children, in addition to administrative detention and banning education, and they did provide neither adequate food nor medical care nor places of detention worthy of human beings and these conditions continue to this day.”

He called on the representatives of nearly 130 countries and human rights institutions that are participating in the conference, to give great attention to the issue of prisoners and put it in a clear context which does not accept more than one interpretation, and he said that the Zionist authorities keep in detention 30 prisoners suffering from chronic diseases and disabilities requiring an immediate transfer to hospital.

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