Action Alert ▶ Help save solar & wind power in the West Bank Palestine – video

The Only Democracy | March 20, 2012


Israel is threatening to demolish solar and wind power systems in rural communities in the West Bank. These systems are the only source of energy for more than 500 people. Located in area C under full Israeli control, these remote shepherd communities have no other source of power despite Israel’s responsibility to provide them with basic infrastructure. They depend exclusively on solar and wind energy for light, refrigeration and agriculture.
Over the last three years, Comet-ME has built 17 renewable energy systems in an area called South Mount Hebron in the West Bank. Thanks to energy produced by the sun and wind, children can now do their homework at night, and women don’t have to churn butter and do laundry by hand. Electricity allows villagers to stay on land they have lived on for generations. Without it, many of them may leave their homes, and in so doing alter the demographic reality of the region.
Comet-ME’s systems are built by Israelis and Palestinians working hand in hand – establishing a foundation of trust and friendship that is essential for the creation of a new future in Palestine.
We believes access to energy is not a luxury. It is as basic as food and medicine. Help us spread the word and pressure policy-makers to protect the communities and stop the demolitions.

Send this letter to Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, and call him to put an end to the demolition threat.

What more can you do?

  • Support the campaign against the demolitions by making a donation.
  • Share this with your friends and ask them to help.
  • Join us on facebook and twitter @CometMe to get real-time updates and share the cause.
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