Children’s Day in Palestine – April 5, 2012 – Photography

April 6, 2012

Children’s Day in Palestine on April 5th celebrated in Gaza. One of the few occassions children have some joy amidst the ongoing violence and atrocities committed on Palestinians. A day in which all attempt to “break” the stress and trauma of which many (also the little) people of Palestine suffer.

An impression in a few pictures:

While children should enjoy the highest form of protection and safety according to human rights, international law and regulations – even in times of war or armed conflict –  Israel is violating all rights of children very day. 24 hours. 365 days. No “break” there.

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Lately Israel imposes violations on children which every normal person even won’t comprehend. Like last week, it’s most moral army tried to arrest a 2 year old child.  Or another case in which a 40 day old baby was summoned over allegedly committed attack. I do not kid you. 40 days old. The judge who summoned him to court on age 50 days even decided he should return when he reaches the age of 16 years, to explain his “behaviour” when he barely could look out of his own eyes. This is no joke.

For more violations against children of Palestine, arrests during night raids, violence, torture, kidnappings and more see the Action Alert


As today Christians in this world celebrate Passover a reminder to all, Gaza’s Christians suffer too like all Palestinian children all over Palestine.
Another album of Photography tells the story of the plight of all children in Palestine. And to remember the over 1476 children which died due to Israeli violence (only since the year 2000) – An overview – Of the names and the stories of the child martyrs of Palestine.

Imagine… this would be your child

Click on the picture to proceed to the album of the Children of Palestine

Click to see the full album

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