Nafha prison administration transfers captive Al-Saidi

[ PIC 06/04/2012 – 07:23 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Riad Ashkar, researcher specialized in prisoners’ affairs, said that the Zionist prison administration transferred captive Awad Zaki Mohamed Al-Saidi to an unknown destination after assaulting a Zionist prison guard at Nafha prison.

Ashkar said, in a press statement on Thursday, that the captive Al-Saidi, who is from Gaza, assaulted an element in Israeli military intelligence in charge of prisons, using a food tin cover that detainees use to cut food with instead of knives that are not allowed by the occupation authorities, as a retaliation to the criminal policy of occupation against the prisoners, and especially the attack on the captives Abbas al-Sayed and Jamel Abul-Hija.

He added that the prison administration called dozens of Special units, closed the prison and broke into section 4, in which the captive Al-Saidi was imprisoned. He was then taken to an unknown destination. Saidi has been detained since February 2004 and sentenced to 15 years. There is now concern for his life.

Ashkar mentioned that “the detainees warned the prison administration against the escalation of repressive measures against them and which may be faced by strong protests from the captives, whose situations reached an intolerable level, and that the assault that was committed symbolized the frustration caused by the suppression policy in the occupation prisons. Besides he referred to the dangerous extent to which the prisons may reach if the occupation continues its crimes against the detainees. ”

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