Freedom For Us All – Music Video

Video by on Mar 29, 2012


Lyrics/instrumental – Iain EWOK Robinson

Mixed and mastered by Colin Peddie for Sonic Studios, Durban, SA

Video capture and edit by Donovan Fletcher

Cast and crew: Natasha Hosken; Kivithra Naiker; Dashen Naiker; Tumelo Khoza; Julia Wilson; Thando Mlambo; Clare Craighead; Ndabenhle Christopher Tobo

Both the video and track were created as acts of solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, both those within the Occupied Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and those Arab-Israelis living as second-class citizens within Israel.

These acts of cultural passive resistance are intended to raise awareness and strengthen the global campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. The release of the video coincides with “Land Day”, 30th March, and the BDS Global Day of Action. The video has been endorsed by Palestinian activists and representatives from the One Democratic State Group (ODSG) and The Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI).

The music and the accompanying video were conceptualized and produced by South African citizens, in recognition of our history and the responsibility we have been handed, through our freedom and democracy, to fight for the freedom, justice and equality of people everywhere.

The use of the mock “kaffeyieh” or “hatta” headscarf is intended to both highlight the stereotyping of the Palestinian people as “terrorists”, and to return the respect of this article of traditional clothing as a piece of authentic Arab history. In the video it is worn by diverse South African youth who are choosing to join the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination. The scarf also takes the shape of both South Africa and Israel, further highlighting the solidarity that is growing between the two, as well as referencing the similar legislated system of oppression that existed in South Africa, and still exists in Israel, that both was and is Apartheid in its essence. This is echoed in the lyrics of the track “South Africa’s the story / Israel’s the sequel”. The use of graffiti through the video is intended to focus the struggle back into the hands of the people, as governments and politicians continue to play power games at the expense of those on the ground.

The title of the video “Freedom for us all” reminds the viewer that the struggle for self-determination of the Palestinian people is a secular global struggle for the unconditional recognition of universal human rights.

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