Mishaal: Jerusalem is the core of the Palestinian issue

[ PIC 07/04/2012 – 04:21 PM ]

DOHA, (PIC)– Chairman of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mishaal, during his speech at the Fourth Jerusalem Festival on Friday night, asserted that Jerusalem would be only restored by resistance.

Mishaal said that Jerusalem is the core of the Palestine issue, saying that: “There will be neither Palestine nor Palestinian issue without Jerusalem”.

He said in the festival, organized by the World Association of Muslim Scholars in the Qatari capital Doha in the presence of Palestinian, Qatari, Arab and Islamic figures, that Israel is benefitting from international collusion and distorts Jerusalem’s landmarks and history at will, adding, “Our challenge as Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and Christians lies in how we can restore Jerusalem and liberate Palestine.”

He said, “Jerusalem was stolen from us by the aggressor and it will be restored by resistance. Today we need more power and more unity along with world backing so that we can achieve our goal.”

The Hamas leader stressed the need for national reconciliation and putting aside all differences, saying, “There is no way for the restoration of Jerusalem under division.” “National unity is a must,” Mishaal said, adding that reconciliation will remain on its course regardless of obstacles.

Concerning the issue of Palestinian detainees, Mishaal affirmed that they are at the top of Palestinian concern and that the occupation “is responsible for any harm done to the great (detained) leaders.”

The Hamas leader said that the Arab Spring would not be complete until “Jerusalem is liberated”.

Finally, he ended his speech by asserting that Hamas is a unified movement.

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