Occupation threatens military operations in the Sinai

[ PIC 08/04/2012 – 11:52 PM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC) — Israeli occupation threatened Egypt’s ruling military council to launch operations in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on the pretext of preventing attacks against Zionist targets.

According to “Haaretz”, in its edition of Sunday (8/4) “Israel sent a resolute “and even threatening” message to the Egyptian Military Council regarding the council’s responsibility for attacks carried out from the Sinai Peninsula.

According to the newspaper; the warning message included hints that Israel might be forced into taking military action in the Sinai, if attacks against Israeli targets continue to be launched from the Sinai.

The reported message was sent days after the fall of a Grad rocket in the area of Eilat in southern 1948-occupied Palestine, last weekend and after Cairo’s denial that the launched rockets was fired from the Sinai region.

Responsible Israeli political sources confirmed that the Zionist entity had allowed the deployment of Egyptian troops in the Sinai Peninsula, which the peace agreement between the two sides prevents, in the framework of what the sources called “prevention of terrorist attacks.”

The Israeli radio quoted, on Saturday, the sources as saying that “Israel agreed to Cairo’s request to deploy seven battalions of the Egyptian security forces in the Sinai,” noting that “the ratification of the size of the forces deployed there is to be renewed every month.”

It pointed out that “there is fruitful cooperation between Israel and Egypt in efforts to thwart terrorist attacks emanating from the Sinai Peninsula,” according to the Zionist radio.

It is noteworthy that the head of the occupation’s military intelligence Aviv Kochavi said that “During the past two months, more than ten terrorist infrastructures have been discovered in the Sinai peninsula, where planned attacks have been aborted,” according to his claim.

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