The Occupation Authority Closes Ibrahimi Mosque for Two Days so Settlers can enter

[ PIC 09/04/2012 – 12:32 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil in the West Bank to Muslims and only allowed Jewish settlers to enter it to celebrate the passover Jewish holiday, preventing Muslims from calling for prayer for two days.

Zeid Al-Jabari,the director of Al-Khalil Waqf, said that the Israeli occupation forces informed the Waqf department of its intention to close the Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshipers this morning and tomorrow and opened all its corridors and courtyards to Israeli settlers to enable their celebration of the Passover.

Jabari stated that the occupation’s decision “actually has begun since Saturday evening, where they prevented Muslims from performing the dawn prayer”. This ban will continue until Monday evening, which means the Muslims will be banned from performing ten prayers in the Mosque.

Jabari added that during these two days the Mosque will be desecrated by the settlers, corrupting everything in the Mosque and causing a real damage. He pointed out that The IOA closes down the Ibrahimi Mosque before Muslims for ten days per year in accordance to the so-called Shamgar Commission that divided the Mosque and allowed Jews to access it, the commission was formed after the massacre at the Mosque in 1994 in which an armed Jewish settler killed 29 Palestinians while praying.

Jabari condemned the Israeli government’s arrogant measures and closure of the mosque, affirming that the Ibrahimi Mosque is only for Muslims and it will be forever.

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