Welcome to Palestine

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IRISH TIMES | Apr 11, 2012 | MARK WEISS in Jerusalem, and KITTY HOLLAND

ISRAEL HAS finalised plans which, it hopes, will obstruct pro-Palestinian activists’ plans to fly to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport on Sunday and then travel on to the West Bank.

Organisers hope that more than 2,000 people will join this year’s “Welcome to Palestine ” campaign and fly to Tel Aviv from airports across Europe.

Among the Irish passport holders flying on Sunday will be Dee Murphy (58), from Cork, who is “hoping to get through and go to Bethlehem to help lay cornerstones for a kindergarten” as well as to “see friends and make links with people”.

“The Israelis say what we want to do is an aggressive act. The point is to see friends and also to challenge the Israelis stopping people going to Palestine. I…

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