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Gaza, (Pal. Telegraph)– An agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority has been signed in order to partially solve the fuel issue.

The agreement was true and the crisis was partially solved. Fuel has been entering Gaza Strip in an amount that would partially solve the crisis, something that had drastically changed the power cut schedule from 4 hours with electricity and 12 hours without to 8 by 8. It was April 4th by then. It was 3 days late.

Why 3 days late?
For that, I have one answer: having solved the issue 3 days earlier, 3 innocent souls would’ve been spared, Sabri, Nadine and Farah’s souls.

What does electricity have to do with that?
3 days before the agreement, 3 innocent children went to sleep on a night with no electricity. Being as young as they were, they feared darkness and for that, their mother had lit a candle and placed it in their bedroom for them to sleep. Sabri, the only son among three daughters meant the world to his father, after 4 marriages and 17 years of hoping for a son, he was born. The fifth child, a 3 month old baby girl had been in the arms of her mother on this fateful night.

Their mother had been sitting in the living room when she heard a pounding at her door. The neighbors were in a panic and attempting to alert her of a fire in the other part of the house. Running to where the children were asleep, they found that they were too late to extinguish such a large fire on their own. They called the civil defense with the hope that something could be done bring the situation under control. When the civil defense truck arrived, it carried only one fire fighter, without a ladder and with not nearly enough water to put the flames out.

The three kids were taken to the hospital where they were declared dead on arrival. All three bodies were fused together from the burns and the doctors had to surgically separate them. According to the medical report, the kids suffocated on the smoke of the candle before it completely melted on the plastic side table setting fire to most parts of the house, and more tragically, killing three children, leaving the parents and community reeling in shock.

Tens of Palestinians in Gaza Strip have been killed or wounded as a result of the electricity cuts that the people face on a daily basis and as a result resort to using candles, gas bulbs, or generators.

Photo by Ali Ali, EPA and used under its Creative Commons License.


Israel deprivation caused death again: Three children this time – Photography (Click to see the full album of images)

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