Bahar calls to intensify pressures on occupation to get detained MPs released

[ PIC 11/04/2012 – 02:18 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Deputy Speaker of the PLC, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, called for intensifying pressures on the occupation government to release of the detained MPs whose detention has been continuously extended.

In a press release on Wednesday, Bahar talked of the need to provide all forms of support to the elderly MP Ahmed Hajj Ali, who suffers from many health issues, and who resumed his open hunger strike on Tuesday which will continue till his release.

He further expressed his surprise at the silence of human rights and international organizations in the face of the organized crime that is continuously committed by the occupation against the elected representatives and violations of their rights, as well as the absence of initiative to condemn the occupation’s practices against the MPs.

Bahar also shed light on the need to augment the efforts to support the voices of solidarity rejecting the occupation’s crimes and practices against the MPs, mentioning the position of Inter-Parliamentary Union which was held in Uganda recently, and which condemned the policy of occupation and called for the release of the detained MPs.

Bahar also called on the need to coordinate efforts and national positions to sustain the activities and the events of solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, headed by MP Hajj Ali, stressing the importance of keeping the issue of prisoners alive in the Palestinians’ soul and at the top of Palestinian agenda all times.

Moreover, he pointed to the importance of developing forms of solidarity with the captives in the occupation’s prisons, and inventing new methods capable of breaking up the routine and traditional present work of solidarity, in order to expand the circles of public as well as institutional participation to support the cause of prisoners.

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