#Airflotilla2 | Does he look like a “terrorist” to you? Meet a ‘Welcome to Palestine’ activist…!

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April 11, 2012 | #Airflotilla2 Weblog

Zionism’s paranoia vera went into full gear. While the most moral army also is gearing itself up for the next deportation if illegal barring at foreign airports is unsuccessful. Like last year. (Video)

In the meanwhile hasbara (propaganda) is also working overtime and the by hatred filled recruits of incitement not only suggested to “kill Europeans” on the planes but giving a grande performance online of the moral bankruptcy of Israel and it’s supporters calling the activists:

“Racists, anti-Semites, genocidal idologists, criminals and terrorists and more, comparing them to SS, Gestapo, Wehrmacht, PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Hitler, Stalin, Al Qaeda, Wehrmacht, Osama Bin Laden, Moslim Brotherhood …(take a breath)… of Egypt, IRA, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad and ayatollahs.” 

– by Alexander from Tel Aviv as posted on YNet  (comment nr 18)

Last year, Israel unilateral decided who is a terrorist and not allowed to board at airports. Even Tareq, a 9 year old child. In France at Roissy Airport. This is the kid at the demo in Paris July 12, 2011 when the barred “terrorists” protested because their “Welcome to Palestine”-journey even was stopped before it could start. More and footage of the alleged “terrorists” in the LIVE BLOG of July 12, 2011

Airflotilla 2012

Although the organisation and activists have spreaded the detailed program of the mission “Welcome to Palestine” , Israeli hasbara and it’s collaborating media outlets is going berserq in escalating incitement about alleged dangers and “infiltration”,  preparing  massdeportations, jails and whatever neccessary to expel (again) the people with non violent intentions to rebuild schools and more likewhise.

Including the kids like Tareq, as well as Daniel? Does he look like a terrorist to you? Meet Daniel!

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I can assure you this hero on wheels has more humanity than those inciting accusations and hatred. Also I can assure you if he would be deported by Israel’s defense and  violating rights-forces he will not be spared because of his disability.  So open your eyes. This is one of the people which Israel is afraid of. Afraid, for a man on wheels who just wants to visit and support Palestinians. Make up your mind…

#Airflotilla2 | Mission “Welcome to Palestine”: The detailed program

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