Masri: MP Hajj Ali’s continued detention is proof of occupation’s arrogance

[ PIC 11/04/2012 – 01:07 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– Moushir Al-Masri, Change and Reform bloc spokesman, said that the continuing detention of MP Ahmad Hajj Ali is a default on the agreement and a proof of the arrogant occupation policies toward the detainees and elected MPs.

In a statement on Tuesday, Masri said that the arrogant and arbitrary occupation had renewed the 74-year-old MP Ahmed Hajj Ali’s arrest, who was kidnapped and turned to administrative detention with another 26 MPs. Masri has pointed out that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) retracted its decision of granting him early release after 19 days of hunger strike.

He also saluted Hajj Ali’s steadfastness who has returned to hunger strike protesting against his kidnapping and the administrative detention punishment, stressing that such kind of struggle represents a powerful pressure on the occupation’ plans.

Masri called for a massive campaign to support MP Ahmad Hajj Ali who went on an open hunger strike despite the fact that he suffers from several illnesses, saying that it is a collective responsibility.

He also called on all the concerned authorities in the world to shoulder their responsibilities towards the occupation serious violations against the Palestinian MPs, stating that resistance is the only option for the Palestinian steadfast people to protect their very existence.


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Hunger Strikers, Risks for Health & Life

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