Specialists warn of forcing genetic tests on detainees

[ PIC 12/04/2012 – 01:06 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– Specialists have warned, during a seminar organized by Ministry of Prisoners Affairs on Wednesday to commemorate the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day attended by a number of doctors, lawyers, and ex-detainees, of the seriousness of DNA testing that the occupation authorities have forced on the Palestinian prisoners stating that it has serious social, physical, and health dimensions on the detainees.

The prisons administration’s decision to conduct Genetic tests on prisoners is a serious and unusual step at this particular time, especially that it refused in the past to conduct any simple tests on sick prisoners, and today, without any justification the administration forces prisoners to go through these tests in serious violation to prisoners’ privacy, Mohamed Katri, under-secretary of Ministry of Prisoners, said.

He pointed out that this decision carries many serious social, health, political and psychological dimensions on the Palestinian detainees in the prisons, warning of the possibility of using their bodies in laboratory tests or stealing their organs.

For his part, MP Khamis Najar, head of the Health Committee in the Legislative Council, stated that the real objective behind conducting these tests is to create a virus from the prisoners’ genes to identify personal information about the detainees.

Osama Saad, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, legally said that this mixed dealing with criminal and civilian prisoners in the occupation prisons is a violation to the international law and Geneva convention that banned any measure against the prisoner’s will and ordered that any doctor has to deal with the prisoner only to protect the prisoner’s health.

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