A Zionist plan to build a Jewish museum in Al Buraq courtyard

[ PIC 13/04/2012 – 02:00 PM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Al-Quds International Institution (QII) exposed a new Zionist outline that aims to build a Jewish museum in the northwest part of the Buraq Square in Al Aqsa Mosque.

The Beirut-based organization said, in a press statement on Thursday: “The occupation is planning to confiscate three Dunums (3000 square meters) for the sake of constructing the Jewish Museum according to a detailed structural diagram carrying the number (11 053).”

It explained that the occupation’s plan is “a new practical step in the course of “the development” of Buraq Square, which was announced officially by the occupation 22 October 2010 to restructure the area in accordance with the Jewish vision in order to control it,” noting that “In this course, the occupation intend to demolish the way to Mughrabi Gate, and to expand Buraq Square so that it will accommodate more Jewish prayer rooms, in addition to building car parks, and the digging of a tunnel connecting the area to the so-called “Jewish quarters.”

Moreover, it asserted that the occupation, “seeks to augment the fabricated Jewish landmarks’ number in order to give the impression that Jerusalem contains more Jewish landmarks than Islamic and Christian ones, to promote its lie that it calls “the Jewish historical right” in Jerusalem. Hence the occupation increases the pace of building synagogues, museums, Talmudic parks, and tourist sites. ”

Therefore the Foundation demanded all the sides which confronted the occupation recently when it decided to demolish the Mughrabi Gate Bridge, “to confront this plan, because the construction of the Jewish Museum is part of a single project that combines demolishing the bridge and building the museum.”

It further demanded the Arab Muslim world to act to stop the occupation’s plans so that Jerusalem will not turn into a “Jewish Jerusalem”, stressing that the occupation “will not succeed to obliterate Jerusalem Arab and Muslim history even if it distorts the landmarks and makes up Jewish ones”

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