Abu Halbiyya calls for international lawsuits against Judaization of Jerusalem

[ 13/04/2012 – 06:40 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The head of the Gaza branch of Al-Quds International Institution and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Ahmed Abu Halbiyya, stressed the need to start immediately bringing lawsuits in international courts against the occupation’s Judaization of Jerusalem.

He explained in a press release to «Quds Press” Agency that bringing such lawsuits at the international level “is enforceable, if adopted seriously by the official Palestinian level, and Arab and Muslim officials.”

He noted the importance of highlighting the occupation’s violations in the Holy Land through the official and popular media, and the need to offer moral and material required support to help and strengthen the resilience of the people there.

Abu Halbiyya also stressed that “the most dangerous thing facing Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem, is those ongoing processes of systematic Judaization which are realized strategically to obliterate the landmarks, the holy sites and the monuments through the confiscations, the construction of settlements, the demolition of homes, the displacement of the residents, the seizure of real estate and the building of synagogues… ”

In reference to the escalation of raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque during the latest weeks and months by settlers, soldiers and foreign tourists; Abu Halbiyya stressed that “through this the occupation is aiming to impose facts on the ground that these squares are not for Muslims and not within al-Aqsa Mosque.”

He also revealed that through these raids the occupation is working to prepare the region to implement the most important plan which is the division of Al-Aqsa Mosque or tear it down completely, when the time comes and build the alleged temple on its ruins.

With the beginning of this year, the incursions of hundreds of Jewish settlers and foreign tourists to al-Aqsa mosque and conducting religious celebrations and rites increased clearly with the support of the Zionist police and with the participation of rabbis and political leaders.

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