PA security services arrest dozens in al-Khalil

[ PIC 13/04/2012 – 09:02 PM ]

AL-KHALIL,(PIC)– PA security services launched, yesterday, a wide arrest and summons campaign against dozens of Hams supporters in al-Khalil southern West Bank.

Witnesses confirmed to the PIC that The PA intelligence services raided an aluminum workshop in al-Khalil city and kidnapped Mohammed Yousef Abu Sneineh (23 years).

The PA security services had also stormed Al-Barka zone in Yatta to the south of occupied al-Khalil and raided two houses arresting three men and took them to the PA Preventive security headquarter in al-Khalil city for interrogation.

In the same context, the PA security services summoned, in Yatta, Mr. Ahmed Amour, a chemistry professor and was previously detained more than once by the PA, along with three other men.

Local sources confirmed that the General Intelligence in Khalil summoned a number of released prisoners and university students.

The PA Preventive security also raided Surif town and summoned a number of students. The same thing had happened in Fawwar refugee camp and in Deir Samet in Khalil.

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