Palestinians welcome Tunisian President’s support for Palestinian captives

[ PIC 13/04/2012 – 02:27 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– Riad Ashkar, researcher in prisoners’ affairs, has welcomed the Tunisian president Mohamed Moncef Marzouki’s decision of hosting an international conference in support of Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons in coming months, in addition to organizing activities to commemorate Palestinian Prisoners Day in a few days.

Such a step is not unusual for Tunisia that has been one of the most supportive countries for Palestinian people since the start of the Palestinian revolution and which has always stood by Palestinian rights and issue especially the prisoners’ issue, Ashkar said in a statement on Friday.

Ashkar has pointed out that the prisoners’ issue is not only a Palestinian one, but concerns free people around the world and the Arab and Muslim world, in particular. Because the prisoners have defended the Arab dignity and constituted the spearhead in confronting the occupation to defend the freedom of the whole Arab Ummah, and this is why their support is a must for all the Arabs.

He called on the Arab humanitarian and human rights organizations and the Arab peoples to have an active role in defending the Palestinian prisoners’ issue, he also asked the Arab rulers to follow the example of the Tunisian president and take courageous acts towards Palestinian issues, with the prisoners’ issue on top of the list.

The organization of international conferences in support of the prisoners is a good opportunity to present the prisoners suffering, gain world sympathy for the prisoners’ issue and shed the light on the occupation crimes against the detainees. But the most important thing is to follow what comes out of those conferences in terms important recommendations that will serve the prisoners’ issue and press on the occupation to fulfill international law, Ashkar stated, wishing that this conference will not be unfruitful like previous ones which had been held without any practical fulfillment to its decisions.


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