Welcome to Palestine 2012 – solidarity with #PalestinePrisoners | #Airflotilla2

Israel successfully projected its power into airports across Europe and North America to stop people boarding aircraft in their home countries to visit Palestine. To achieve this, Israel certainly resorted to criminal means, hacking into personal emails.

It was, however, at a cost. One among many similar voices in Israel was the Foreign Ministry official who said that “We insulted hundreds of foreign nationals due to our concerns, and gave the other side a victory on a silver platter… direct damage to tourism and the reputation of Israel.”

Israel’s harsh blockade of Palestine continues, part of the enforcement of what even the British Government calls an illegal occupation.

Send a letter to your MP to raise issues in Parliament and elsewhere concerning:

  • Israel’s power to spread propaganda lies unchallenged by the UK Government in order to control who embarks at UK airports. The British Government should demand that Israel produce “statements by radical pro-Palestinian activists indicating that they intend to arrive on commercial flights from abroad, in order to disturb the peace and confront security forces at Ben Gurion International Airport.” http://bit.ly/HQWnjOThis baseless claim was used to deny boarding to UK citizens in UK airports.
  • Israel’s ability to deny access to British citizens’ access to Palestine while the UK Government:
  1. has changed legal procedures to remove universal jurisdiction and protect Israeli officials who previously feared prosecution in Britain for war crimes
  2. routinely turns a blind eye to UK-based Zionists who serve in the Israeli army, contrary to the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870

The Welcome to Palestine 2012 participants, 9 from Britain including 5 Scots, in Givon Prison will be refusing food from tomorrow in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers and to demand their right to transit Israel to go to Palestine.

March for the Karamah Hunger Strikers – March for Palestine



On Palestinian prisoners day, Tuesday 17th of April, the Palestinian prisoners movement will launch the Karamah (Dignity) hunger strike. They will place the true oppressive nature of the Israeli state under the spotlight once again. In a courageous move, highlighting the steadfastness of Palestinian resistance to occupation, 1600 prisoners will embark on an indefinite hunger strike demanding their basic rights as political detainees.

The magnitude of the 1600 Palestinian prisoners embarking on the Karamah hunger strike must be met with a significant international response. This means mass mobilisations to question the impunity of the Israeli state and our own governments involvement.

As the resistance of the prisoners escalates, our actions in turn must escalate.

On the 17th April, we will begin the escalation by marching for the liberation of Palestine and the dignity of the hunger strikers.

The intifada that is stirring in the Zionist jails must resonate beyond the prison walls and we demand that the BBC end their complicity through their silence of the Palestinian prisoners.

In response to the Palestinian call for a international day of solidarity this demo is called for by ‘We Are All Hana Shalabi’ / Students Palestine Societies in Scotland.

Supported by:
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al Aqsa Scotland, Scottish Palestine Forum, Youth Against Settlements (Hebron, Occupied Palestine), Stop the War Coalition, Glasgow Lebanese community

Aberdeen: St Nicholas Square: 5pm
Edinburgh: St Andrews Square: 5.30pm

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