A statement from the European jews for a just peace to Rogue State Israel: Welcome to Palestine #Airflotilla2

Palestinian Spring | April 18, 2012

Against the rogue state of Israel, its allies and accomplices:

Once again the State of Israel demanded and obtained that the French state and other European states, as well as major airlines (including Air France), that prevent friends of the Palestinian people to answer the call of the mission”Welcome to Palestine” and go to the West Bank for visits and a peaceful program under international solidarity

International solidarity very natural, which is almost unanimously considered obvious in the case of another country.
Israel had already dictated the requirements for a first mission to “Welcome to Palestine” last July and had intervened violently during the same period to prevent the flotilla of boats to Gaza to go to show solidarity with the people under siege.
Over a thousand people of all ages and all backgrounds, are prohibited to travel, in complete violation with a fundamental right: freedom of movement.

And a significant portion of those who were able to reach Tel Aviv, including thirty people from Lyon, is currently incarcerated in Israeli jails because they refuses to be expelled.

This is very serious. The State of Israel wants to ban mere citizen of going to see that this state imposes a life unbearable for the Palestinian people in the West Bank, that it submit since a long time the Palestinian to a control and a colonial military repression in various forms.
It wants to prevent these citizens may testify to the courage of the Palestinian people and its resistance.

What is equally serious is that European states including France and airlines are running, and express direct support to the colonial policy and to the apartheid policy and ethnic cleansing of a State which has a constant impunity andcriminal policy which endangers the world peace.

In Israel itself, a current of opinion is mobilized: the pacifist anti-colonialist came to welcome visitors to Tel Aviv airport, part of the press and intellectuals denounce the cynicism of their government’s repressive measureswithout foundation ”to taxpayer expense.”
We hope that this movement matures.
Israel wants to impose a blockade of all of Palestine!
Our response to this policy is to develop the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against the State of Israel as itinfringe international law!

The national office of the French Jewish Union for Peace, April 16th 2012

French Jewish Union for Peace – 21 ter rue Voltaire, 75011 PARIS

Phone number : 06 26 25 97 33 · e-mail : contact@ujfp.org · Site : www.ujfp.org

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