Israel will have to go, sooner or later ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Israel will have to go, sooner or later

By Khalid Amayreh | Al Qassam Website

Israel is undoubtedly a powerful state, which also controls the governments of even more powerful states. Israel is a nuclear state that is armed to the teeth, which enables the apartheid entity to threaten other states, near and distant. Thus, one could argue that the German poet Guenter Grass was absolutely right when he said Israel was the state that, more than any state on earth posed the greatest threat to the peace and security of the world.

But Israel is also an obscenely and intrinsically sinful state that lacks the moral underpinnings which historians and moralists insist is necessary for a long life.

I think many Israelis are conscious or at least subconscious of the existential perils lying in wait for their maverick state.

Sometimes, these perils can be objectified, but in most cases the perils are abstract, even seemingly phobic given tangible, visible realities on the ground. However, the conspicuous lack of objectification and therefore verification in no way is a cause for less fear and less anxiety about the future.

This explains the psychotic psychosis engulfing the collective Israeli mindset which one can feel throughout Israel at various levels. Israel is the only country in the world that possesses more than 300 nuclear bombs and warheads in her arsenal and at the same time is dead worried about its future. Israel is the only country in the world that equates a statement or a conference or a demonstration as amounting to its destruction. Israel is immensely powerful, but conspicuously insecure.

Israel’s worries about the future, while all nearly seemingly phobic in nature don’t mean that these worries are not real, real in the sense that they don’t have manifestations, ramifications and consequences.

Israel knows in the depth of her heart that it is based on ethnic cleansing, oppression, racism and aggression. Israel knows that, even according to the prophetic Jewish heritage, that God’s and history’s day of reckoning may be postponed, but never revoked. Otherwise the entire universal moral system of right and wrong turns upside down.

Today, Israel is intoxicated by its arrogance of power, especially the power of having the United States at her beck and call. But this powerfulness is material, not moral or spiritual. It is this arrogance of power that allows Israeli and Jewish leaders to run roughshod at the rest of humanity. Thus, Jesus is the Hitler of Bethlehem, and Ahmadinegad represents the Haman of our time, and Guenter Grass is pathetic, and so on and so forth. Never do we see Israelis self-inspect their approach toward non-Jews. Never do we see them reexamine their moral inconsistencies, especially those related to anti-Semitism.

And when Palestinians, Israel’s and Nazi Germany’s ultimate victims, cry out for justice, they are dehumanized, demonized and called terrorists, Islamo-fascists and what have you.

Moreover, Israel obscenely abuses some of the charitable and benevolent traditions of Judaism by treating others, not as Jews would want to be treated. One could write voluminous books on this particular aspect of Israel’s depravity of the mind.

God reminded Jews ad nauseam that they were oppressed in the land of Egypt and that they shouldn’t oppress others who live in their midst.

But, alas, the Ben Gurions, Begins, Sharons and Netanyahu’s of Israel seem to have followed a different Torah, not the Torah that originated at Mount Sinai but the Torah of fascism, hatred, and savagery which originated in Eastern Europe.

Even men and women who are supposed to fear God provide the worst example to follow and emulate. It is really lamentable to see these rabbis of God, sorry, rabbis of Satan, grant their equally deformed followers a license to murder others because their “mothers are whores and their flesh is like the flesh of donkeys and whose issue is like the issue of horses.”!!!

Judaism was supposed to be a light unto the nations, but Zionism has morphed the Sharia of Moses into an esoteric cult that sees the world as being composed of the sons of God and the sons Satan or the sons of light and sons of darkness. Even the universal ten commandments have been distorted. Thus the rabbinic sages would want us to believe that “thou shall not murder” actually means “thou shall not murder a Jew.” As to non-Jews, the best of Gentiles kill’em.”

In addition, Zionism has transformed most contemporary Jews into land thieves, child killers and pathological liars seeking to blur or conceal their depravity and Godlessness with a thin façade of sanctimony.

Such a diabolic ideology, by which most Jews have been ensnared, will be proven a false golem eventually..

We hope and pray that moment of reckoning will not be far away, because the farther it is, the more pain and suffering there will be, and history won’t be especially merciful to evil doers, regardless of race and creed.

Today, Israel has virtually completely succeeded in killing all prospects for resolving the Palestinian issue in a dignified and peaceful manner. But Israel is seriously and fatefully miscalculating in thinking that what has been done has been done and that it is over for the Arabs.

It is not and won’t be over for the Arabs and Jews until the slate is made completely clean.

The creation, phenomenal strength, predominance and ultimate downfall of Israel are clearly predicted in the Quran. The striking Quranic references to Israel, its insolence and pugnacity, followed by its crushing defeat and downfall, should be a source of hope and confidence to all followers of Islam.

It gives them hope and confidence for tomorrow, a tomorrow that will witness the defeat and disappearance of Israel as a geo-political entity. Then and only then will Jews and Arabs be able to live together in this land in peace, harmony and equality. (notice: I am only referring to Israel as a political entity, not to Jews).

Wishful thinking? Well, for those believing in God, it is not wishful thinking. The problem, however, is that men don’t live long enough to overcome the limitations of their understanding of the world around them.

Source and much more at the Al Qassam Website

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