Shin Bet threatens to assassinate & arrest 40 prisoners

Shin Bet threatens to assassinate & arrest 40 prisoners

15-04-2012,11:48Al Qassam website – The Israeli newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” announced on 14-04-2012 that the Israeli forces marked the names of 40 prisoners, who were liberated within the exchange deal with Israel, the Zionist internal intelligence service (Shin Bet) claimed that they returned to their activity in the resistance.

The website published a report monitors the activity of Palestinian prisoners who were liberated in Shalit deal, after their release, indicating that the occupation authorities had announced that anyone goes back to what it calls “terrorism” will be killed or arrested.

The report claimed that there is a group of 47 people returned to the resistance acts; the report added that seven of the group was re-arrested and it is possible that Israel may impose the previous sentences on them.

The report estimated the returning of 40 percent of prisoners to the resistance activity, the report also pointed out to Saleh Al-Aruri statements, a Hamas leader who participated in the negotiations of Shalit deal, on Al Quds channel.

“The only way to release prisoners is kidnapping Israeli soldiers.”

Source and more at the Al Qassam Website

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